when working with an anxious horse,

you give him/her something to work on so they dont have time to fret.

Mr. Foresterman is wise like that.
cell phone photo by Mr. Foresterman

When he asked Dr. Connor about me working before surgery next week, 
Doc told us to keep doing what Im doing for right now because its keeping me in great shape, 
and it will take my mind off of surgery. 
and cancer.

"just dont fall or get hit in the abdomen"

He didnt mention anything about cliffs and rattlesnakes.

And so away we went this past week to work in the Black Hills. 
Even though we already hired another outfit to finish our timber cruising contract after we got the news, 
we still needed to check their work. 
And finish one small compartment. Well, I really dont have to, but...

Mr. Foresterman is wise like that


We took it slow.  i worked three days.  We stayed at a suite at the Ramada, one that had not one but two flat TV screens so i could watch anything I wanted to, without it having to involve a ball in order to make me look like a good wife. I got to watch channels like HGTV, Lifetime,
and A&E. 

Mr. Foresterman is wise like that.

but these are most likely my last timber cruising days for a while.

at one point I was sobbing like a baby bear and Mr. Foresterman hugged me hard, 
deep in the changing colors of the woods.
 i realized that I wasnt going to be doing this again anytime soon. 
he knew why I cried, and I didnt have to say a word.

If you were a hunter and came across that scene at that time,
 timber cruisers once in awhile need to hold each other up, okay?
 Deal with it little hunter man. some hugging can go a long way.
try it next time with your hunting partner when you miss your shot, okay?
try it, it works. so there.

Mr. Foresterman is wise like that.

This tree is over 380 years old. 
it was seedling when the pilgrims arrived. it was a sapling when Isaac Newton discovered gravity.
 It grows and grows and lives on towards the light, even as a revolution took place, a civil war, the world wars, the wars of today, and all the peaceful moments inbetween. 
It has seen fire, storms, and drought.
I am the first human to have touched it to determine its age. 
And long after i am gone,
 it will continue to grow and grow towards the light, 
sending out seeds to replant itself. 

this just puts everything into perspective for me.

Mr. Foresterman is wise...
like that.



  1. What a poignant post.
    Your husband is as stalwart as that tree.

  2. I love that you got your forest fix for a little while...it won't be your last! Stay strong..stay focused...thinking of you daily.

  3. God bless you, girl. What a wonderful post. And a wonderful man you have, too...

  4. They say that attitude is a large part of the battle. YOU have the attitude!

    I am praying for you and all who will be helping with your care and recovery....that they have God's wisdom in your treatment.

    I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and protect you and give you HIS peace!


  5. Good man ! that hubby of yours , will keep you in my thoughts and prayers

  6. Mr. Foresterman is wise indeed. You are so blessed to have him. Thinking of you and others dealing with such difficulties. Sending lots of good wishes from SE ID.

  7. Mr. Foresterman is a wonderful husband. He understands his wife and that she just needs to be held when she cries sometimes. I love that he didn't try to "fix" you in that moment. I'm glad he's by your side as you go through this.

  8. I think you must have the perfect partner. Great photos.Oh and by the way you are allowed to cry.....way to go Mr. Foresterman.

  9. Lovely shots for you to look at during your recovery. Your husband is a wise man, indeed. You are very fortunate to have him and he is lucky to have you as well!


  10. I love your spirit. Stay Strong! Your hubby is setting the bar high for the rest of us.

  11. Good for you, out and about doing what you enjoy.... keep it up.

  12. You are lucky to have such a wise guy.... er, wise man!
    I've been thinking about you as time marches towards the 13th. Good wishes, hugs, warm thoughts all coming your way!

  13. Wow, wish I had a man like that! You are so blessed in your life. With support like him, you can do this. Bless your heart, I loved your post. You are definitely one of a kind, and it's awesome.

    Thinking of you,


  14. Well sounds like he knows exactly what you needed! Glad you could get out and touch some trees before sergury. Be strong!

  15. You will be back out there before you know it Feral Women! I agree with Janice...you are allowed to cry. Mr. Foresterman is way wise, but I also suspect he is scared also. May Jesus wrap him in his arms to be strong for you. May Jesus guide the surgeon's hands. May a strong peace fill your family and you as this comes down. Prayers being lifted here.

  16. Mr. Foresterman is very wise indeed. He knows exactly what will keep your mind off what is to come. I sit here with tears going down my face you always seem to do that to me lately but that is OK. I know you are going to be fine a girl's just got to cry sometimes.I am picturing myself standing beside you looking at that 380 year old tree and thinking this is what life is really all about. Get through the tough times and there is happiness and joy on the other side. Life is like that even the trees know it is one heck of a road.
    I am so happy you had time to go out into the bush I understand this place of healing well.
    Your photos are beautiful. Take care my friend. Lucky you to have Mr. Foresterman lucky him to have you. Hugs in the bush I love it that is so true. B

  17. So glad you two have each other. I'm sure going through this ordeal will make your relationship stronger and even more special. This post was absolutely beautiful. I love that tree. I picture all of us bloggers there, at that tree, holding hands and lifting you up in prayer. Keep praying and thinking positive thoughts.

    Cindy Bee

  18. I wish I could have met you while you were out here. I wish you the best of luck with your surgery. I hope everything goes ok and that sometime in the future when you come back to the hills you can come sit on my porch and these days will all be a distant memory.

  19. I just got back from the Black Hills of SD a couple of weeks ago. It is sad to see all the beetle blight going on there with the pines. My cousin is also a foresterman. He was the head of the committee to select, cut, and haul the Christmas tree to DC for the Capitol building in 1997 and proudly showed me the sight where they cut the tree. It was in Spearfish canyon. He loves his work and I can see why. It is so beautiful in SD, as I'm sure it is where you are too. You might know him.. his name is Chuck Morris. Anyway, I am praying for you and I know you will be back in the woods with the trees again soon. God has a plan you know.


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