pulling up our big girl bootstraps...

This is my new motto and I stare at it every day while I am going through all 38 stages of grieving...

("what? theres no 38 stages? but right now im on number 27 -"eating all chocolate within a 40 mile radius"?!!?)

Thank you to all of you who have posted and emailed me your positive encouragement, stories, and prayers. 

You are a living testimony to the love that exists in the world, and since you know I live in a very remote area

 - even more remote then the word "rural" - 

you have all become my saddle up partners in the cyber world.

ill try to find suitable horses for you all.

You dont know how much I really really really appreciate you not abandoning me when things got really really really sad..


And seriously, 
I need to laugh now before my eyes get something in them again.

(maybe im skipping grieving stages 28 through 32?!)

 Hey Leontien, from  Four Leaf Clover Tales,

do you think this is appropriate healing attire after surgery on October 13th?

I was thinking I would buy a pair of skull thong panties to copy your idea, but I didnt want to scar the young surgeon wonder 
when he makes his rounds to check incisions - theres just some things a 48 year old woman shouldnt wear....

even if she can pull the cancer guilt card on them...

speaking of which ~

 Guess who has their own personal photography bag carrying Forester now?

I think Im starting to see some benefits coming from this ride....



since I woke up this morning and Mr. Foresterman says i have a pretty darn good chance of doing that again tomorrow morning and the next, 
be prepared for me to come visit your blogs soon and be up to my old trick or treats...

consider yourselves warned...

heh heh!



  1. I really like the John Wayne quote!

    So surgery is the 13th? Cute little PJ bottoms! (eg - sexy!) Do you have a cute surgeon? That always helps ;-)

    Chocolate actually should be any number you want - about now. If it was me - it would be #4.

    Which hospital are you going to? They better treat you good!

    All kidding aside, I do wish you the very best in healing. Keep positive thoughts!


  2. I'll be thinking of you on the 13th -- well, every day actually. I'm going to update my pirate panties sidebar to include you.
    You should wear the panties. Definitely. You are not too old. You are never to old to give cancer the finger.

  3. Girl..we are all behind you 150%...please blog about what your surgery will be etc. (if you want to that is)...also I would love a post on educating us on this...this is so scary how it can happen to anyone ...especially a forestwoman who has to be in the best of physical shape..and you are right..that is going to get you through this...being strong.

  4. Love the panties! I vote- YES, you should wear them!
    I am saying a prayer for you right now and I will continue to do so - and especially on the 13th. Take care! Here's a big cyber ((hug))!! (I look forward to meeting my cyber horse btw!!)

  5. Will be thinking of you on Oct 13. Seems surreal but know all is going to be well very soon. I like the panty idea. Know the surgeon would too!!! 48 is nothin!

  6. Well I think every young 48 year old women should have skull panties since all the surgeon is probably as young as our favourite boots he would love it. Kick butt pants blue and fuzzy will work just as well I am sure.
    While you are healing I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to Feral woman humour posts. You are going to be fine I know this for sure.
    Take care my friend. Chocolate cures all.
    By the way I can trade a Hereford or two for a horse LOL. B

  7. adore the John Wayne quote, and I will forever now quote Annette from above. "Your never too old to give cancer the finger." Love it! and love you too! I have a bond with my cyber world bloggy friends like no other. Isn't it amazing how we can care so much for people we've never met? But you are a big part of my life, my circle of friends. I was just thinking of you this morning wondering how things were going, and I'll continue to think and pray for you. So sorry about your dad. So much in so short a time! But you have so many to help hold you up through this! Thank you for sharing your heart and your troubles on here so that we can all be there for you in whatever ways we're able! You are loved by many!

  8. love love love the skull fuzzy pants!!! love 'em!!! glad to hear your surgery is scheduled! i know you are ready to kick this sh*tty thing. we're all here for you and sending you love, light, healing, courage, and laughter too!!!

  9. Many prayers are being said for you. I love your positive attitude, and that is what is going to see you through this.....God and attitude. Also love the John Wayne quote...and it's so very true. Warm hugs.

  10. Oh you are so wonderful!! I admire your spirit and courage!! Love the skull shorts. Wear them, it will do the surgeon good!!! Leontien would tell you to wear them I believe! I think about you alot, and I'm so sorry about your Father. You are awesome! I'm pulling for you and your family.

    Take care,


  11. I'll be thinking of you on the 13th and watching your blog for updates. Love the skull shorts. There's a bunch of us in cyberspace who are pulling for you!

  12. You can kick this square in the ass!
    You've already got the boots!
    13 is my lucky number, so that is a great date for surgery...
    Kick it, sister!

  13. Yup...the skull and cross bones will do the trick, for sure! And maybe you are right... you want to kick that ol' cancer's butt, not terrify the surgeon ;-). (Oh, and the little pink bow is so cute!)
    You reminded me of a story: I have a very, very large friend... large, as in almost as round as tall. She once suffered the humiliation of having her very large, very 'big girl' panties hauled out at an airport screening. She was very embarrassed. So now, she claims, she wears all her undies and packs a lovely, small lacy thong. She can't wait to be screened at the airport!
    So, maybe that'll bring a chuckle to your day as you imagine the security screener holding up the thong and trying to figure out just how my friend fits in it!!

    Of course, all of my good wishes are coming your way with extra ones on the 13th!

  14. glad to see you are back in the saddle...i knew you would be! love that picture of you all. it does take time for shock and grief to happen...it's a process i guess. just feel everything there is to feel...never too far from chocolate of course!

  15. Wow the 13th is coming up quick! You are definitly strong enough t make it through this!! I love the panties too, gotta have something to cheer you up in surgery and if its the sergeon laughing at them that will do :)

    We are all prayin for you and waiting to hear how it goes.

  16. Just catching up after being away for a couple of days; I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your dad, especially when you are having such a difficult time. I offered up Mass for you today, and prayed for the repose of the soul of your dad. (Practicing Catholic here!) I will have Mass said especially for you on the 13th- I can do this because I'm the parish secretary and I schedule all the Masses, so the 13th, it's for you, girl.
    A little chocolate doesn't hurt, either. And hugs. And supportive friends and family.
    (((((BIG HUG)))))))

  17. Praying for you....as so many people are! Be strong!

  18. I have a friend that had a nasty horse she was trying to get going and she always "drank a can of courage" before she got on. Can of courage/box of chocolate... ;-).

    That's a great picture!

  19. I absolutely love the new pic up there of the two babies following Mr. Foresterman.

    As one who has had cancer, and a mother who died of cancer many years ago, the best advice I can give (although it's easier to say)is to try to be positive. And know that there are a lot of us out here who wish you nothing but the best! You're not alone in this. xoxoxo

  20. Your strength shines through your blog, even when times get very tough. Thanks so much for teaching us all about courage. You have a whole lot of folks all over the place that are sending up prayers for you.

  21. Prayers, hugs, love and thoughts.

  22. Just found your blog. Came on to wish you lots of luck. You sound like a plucky lady you will fight this thing.
    Sending hugs to you from across the water.

  23. I like that John Wayne quote! I also like the picture of you and Mr. Foresterman. That's a great shot. Still praying, sweetie!

  24. Yes! You will be at your daughter's wedding. The picture of you and Mr. Foresterman is beautiful, as is your spirit. It looks like you have a lot of people watching out for you...I wish you all the best.

  25. I think you can wear them allright and well... i just LOVE them! they might even bet better then my panties! They look very comfortable!

    And sweet lady i will light up a little candle for you on the 13th!

    big big BIG hugs from Indiana

  26. I can't believe it's been so long since I checked up on you. We all have our own problems I guess, but yours nearly broke my heart. We've (all us blog friends) have learned to love you so much, you're sense humour, and your sense of wonder at the beauty around you. Know that you'll be remembered in my prayers.

  27. Hey Feral woman...I've been thinking about you, A Lot. We all have. Can you tell? I didn't post because I just didn't know what to say. Still don't. I'm babbling. I do that when I am at a loss for words, which doesn't happen often. I will say I LOVE that picture of you and Foresterman. And it sounds like he's gonna be worth keeping! I wish you well and please keep us posted.

    Cindy Bee

  28. We are all here with you, thinking of you, praying for you! You WILL be fine and sooner than you think, you will see this whole period as part of a scary past!
    Positive, positive, positive!!
    Love you!

  29. Well that's not the news I was hoping to hear.The John Wayne quote is a good one and one I think you have probably lived by most of your life.I have been thinking about you lots and the
    13th will be no exception. It sounds like you have some great doctors....between that and yourself it should be Ok.
    PS I think you really should be wearing those pjs for the Doc.

  30. PS: That is a beautiful photo of you and the Foresterman.

  31. I gave you a blog award -- stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

  32. I'm praying, praying, praying but keep up your sense of humor, too!

  33. I've been absent from the blogging neighborhood for awhile and this is the news I come back to!!! Being scared and eating lots of chocolate have to be normal reactions to such a situation, I think! Living in Montana where life is so good has to help too right? You will be in my prayers as will your family. Hugs to you!!
    PS. Where are you doctoring?

  34. Quote is more then perfect!! Just found your blog-love your sense of humor!! Keep it up!! ~ positive thoughts and prayers for you to "kick butt" !! Will for sure be thinking of you on "that" day-can tell from just a few minutes on a couple of your posts~ you are a fighter and will survive ! Rock on!!~~Rain

  35. the new garments get my vote for wearing in the hospital!!!..good luck with the surgery!!..sending you healing thoughts!!!


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