Im thinking of ....

taping this to my belly
right before surgery on Thursday.

or one of these little dudes...although the green one on the end may end up symbolically tortured and destroyed in a future blog post as I think it kind of resembles the "lime" that showed up on my Cat scan...

Anyhow Mr. Foresterman doesnt think its a good idea to play some Halloween tricks and treats on the poor young surgeon wonder...

I suppose he's right...

I already made the poor guy nervous by asking him "no dr. pepper for you that day, right?"

no, im not joking< i did say that and asked to see his hands...gotta be careful you know.


I received these in a gift basket from a special someone who i have a special secret with - and Im gonna share that secret tomorrow with some photos of the fantastic weekend I had - Your prayers and good thoughts and pretty pictures of Herefords and St. Peregrine medals and horse back riding circle mantras are working ! This whole thing is gonna be a cakewalk , and I cant even bake a cake let alone walk with one!!! I am not cured yet, but the little miracles are starting to of them is having some happiness and diversion at the same time before the big surgery day on Thursday in Billings...




whoever has been praying for me using quotes from that country song of 

cut it out.

Fu Man Chu the bull showed up in our hayfield today and no, Im not going ride him, not even for 2.7 seconds   although I think i could do better then the guy in the song because Im "determined" - a word used by the nuns often who taught me when i was growing up - the nicety nice word sanctioned by the Pope that means "a lil' pain in the rear"...But no, Im not getting on Mr. Fu Man Chu, even though Tim's darn song says it will make me feel "alive"... No...because I think it would end up literally "live like you were dying, but in bloody bits on the ground out in the hayfield, writhing dramatically and slowly..." 

uh, no.



  1. I came over here from "ain't for city gals" following your comment. Your career is intriguing, enough reason to stay and visit. To find yet another blogger battling cancer, though, is overwhelming.

    I will pray for you, and watch your battle to whatever degree you choose to share it. I have fought many battles in my life, but none (yet) such as you fight. Stand tall.

  2. Feral woman...I'm thinking of you today and every day ...knowing that you will soon be on the road to recovery. A long road ahead but you and your family will travel it together and take it one step at a time. xoxoxo

  3. I say DO IT!
    I drove my surgeon to say "I am so glad you'll be under general anesthetic, I can't stop laughing". I wouldn't stop making giblet jokes- had surgery two days before Thanksgiving :)

    We're all here cheering and praying for you..and yeah stay off the bull! No ER visits prior to your surgery!?

  4. awww. picking on the poor little green guy! i can see him severed into tiny bits and set aflame, releasing him back into the hell from which he came! :)

    you're doing great, girlie! SO glad you've got your spirit in front of you, loud and proud!

  5. I like that song...but I wouldn't ride that bull either! Possitive sassy attitude...that is what gets you through. After about 2 chemos my daughter became VERY direct with what she did and didn't want the doctors and nurses to do...she is extremely sassy - she received "Peppy" (quarter horse) as her Make a Wish gift - he is sassy too....We all are praying for you to have even extra strength! Blessings from Wisconsin

  6. Never mind "determined"- you're indomitable! A sense of humor is a blessing and a great stress reliever.
    Hey- maybe when all is said and done, you will be able to bake a cake- and eat it too. Blessings to you, I 'll be praying mightily for you all week.

  7. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. You are so hilarious even in the face of some scary shit!
    I'm praying for you, but I swear I haven't mentioned Tim McGraw once!
    You are awesome, it's all gonna be ok, I know it will.

    Thinking of you,


  8. Nope I wouldn't ride the bull either! Continiued prayers for a succesful surgery and treatment ! You have a wonderful outlook, Hugs !

  9. Oh I think you should tape Mr. Greeny Dinosaur head to yourself! What a great attitude you have! I am praying your complete healing sista!

  10. I also say, "Do it!"
    I had a friend who's hubby would draw a baby doing interesting things on her distended pregnant belly. One time the baby was a scuba diver, another time he had a jack hammer. I think he also was swimming with sharks and in a wrestling match. Her doctor loved her visits and she never had to wait very long for her appointment!

    You know I'm thinking of you and sending good wishes... extra dose on Thursday!

  11. Oh... I didn't mean ride the bull! I meant taping the dinosaur head to your belly!

    I also wanted to let you know that I passed on the "One Lovely Blog" award to you. I really enjoy what you write and how you write. I know you may not want to deal with the 'stuff' of the award, and you have my blessings to just enjoy it!

    You can read more about the award at:

  12. Please leave the bull alone....

    You are handling the situation well, and I am sending my best.


  13. You can take up bull riding after the might want to start with cake baking and work your way up .......LOL

  14. I just read of your diagnosis and upcoming surgery. You have the attitude to beat this. And I say go forth into the O/R with that dinosaur poised to greet the doctor. I had a co-worker who drew a tic-tac-toe game on his wife's breast before she went in for breast cancer surgery. Good luck on Thursday and I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

  15. Your going to be fine girl. I just know these things.
    I also know that you cannot trust an Angus to stay on the right side of the fence.
    Will be thinking about you all day tomorrow.
    You are welcome Herefords are much nicer. B

  16. Oops forgot to leave a very big HUG!!! B

  17. Great attitude girl! Things are going to work out for you, just stay positive.

  18. Good luck on Thursday. I'll be thinking of you.

  19. Oh I think you should DEFINITLEY tape that sucker to your belly!

    You'll be the hit of the O.R!

    Trust me I'm a nurse.


  20. I am concerned that you will hurt that bull! The poor thing doesn't have a chance against you.

    God is holding you in His arms.


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