I had a surprise visitor this past weekend...our big secret revealed!

she was scouting our homestead...

and taking pictures of the scenery...

but also taking the time out to give sally the pony some treats...

but mostly taking lots of pictures...

even though it was kinda cold out...

however everybody was watching her...


she thought hard...until she made her declaration ~

"mom, can we have our wedding here?"

and of course we said...

Vehemently YES!!!!

(emphasis on YES!!!)

ITs the perfect setup! 

 It will make surgery and treatment go so quickly, because we have a wedding to plan!


Im thinking cathedral canopy tents, potted urns, arbors, fancy lights, candlelit round tables, dance floor,  all under our Montana Big Sky... gotta get some catalogs and go online!

cancer? what cancer?

no, Mr. lymphoma is not invited...



On another note,

Heres my goodbye call for Baby tonight - they were muddy beasts!
We brushed him and little Sally like the "my little ponies" they are...

(warning, do not do this with a horse you do not trust!)

and ironically,

I received this card in the mail from my dear sister.

"go on with a spirit that fears nothing..."

I called her on the phone, and there was a moment where the silence echoed between us; then she softly told me how amazing and kind you all have been, and that if i could on her behalf, to thank all of you for taking such good care of her little sister - then she sniffled...

shes a retired head librarian so it really means something when she sniffles!

(really; the only emoting they usually do is that peering over their reading glasses to give you the "YOUAREMAKINGNOISESTOPNOW" look ... so sniffling is a BIG DEAL!)

So XOXOX hugs XOXOX from me and my big sis...!




  1. How exciting - a wedding to organise. That should occupy your mind somewhat.
    My daughter LOVES horses so I will have to show her your wee clip.
    I'm fairly new to your blog and I wish you all the very best for your surgery. I am thinking of you and sending your hugs from Scotland.

  2. Wow Baby sure is a fast one.Just beautiful he loves you.
    Congrats on the wedding it is going to be just what you need to focus on.
    Your daughter is beautiful just like her MOM.
    Kick butt Feral I wait for your triumphant return to tell us all about the weeding plans.
    I love my sisters too they are the best.
    Big hugs from Canada. B

  3. Thinking of you every day but especially Oct 13th!! Surgery will be a very good thing!...just like my niece Sarah they will take out that cancer and you will be on the road to being cancer free...she is almost to her 3 year cancer free anniversary. It is a long road but you will be at that wedding!..and your daughter will be beautiful and we will all be crying tears of joy!!!...good luck tomorrown, girlfriend!...maybe Mr. Forestman can do a quick post??..or we can just go with no news is good new...xoxoxo

  4. Your daughter is lovely, and what a nice secret to tell, it will keep you too busy to worry and fret over that lime thing. I think your place will be perfect for the wedding.

    You really do trust Baby! There is no way that I could do that! Good horse!

    Lovely card and sentiment, your sister sounds like a wonderful woman.

    Will have you on my mind tomorrow as you begin this journey.


  5. How fun - and I can't think of a more beautiful "church" setting than God's own creation - keep us posted on the plans and ideas. You're calling "Baby" is so cute - what a good boy! Blessings from Wisconsin

  6. Goosebumps! How wonderful! A home wedding - I think that his the best 'complement' a daughter can give her mom! It smacks of, "I love you" over and over again! What fun (hard work, too!)
    My horses have begun to gallop in for dinner - it is so much fun to watch, and I agree... you gotta trust that they are gonna run by you... not through you!
    Love the comments about your sister's emoting - true, so true about librarians!
    Good luck tomorrow. Kicka$$ and take names!!

  7. The wedding will be awesome! So is that bride to be. I think she made a good choice for a location. I've done a gazillion weddings and not one has been in a place that pretty!

    I love the card from your sister- with a spirit that fears nothing. God gives us that! The front of the card is so pretty.

    PLEASE have somebody post to tell us how you are. My prayers will be with you. Get well really soon- you have a wedding to help plan.

    Love the horse clip!


  8. a big hug to your sister from me! :) and hurray on the wedding plans!!! yippee!!!

    sweet baby!!!

  9. How wonderful of your daughter- and she sure is a beauty, like you. There's nothing like being busy to keep you positive!
    I can't play the video on this computer, but I'll watch it on my work computer. Sounds like what I do with Beamer- he'll come galloping, and I stand still as he comes right by me.
    God bless you, my dear, as you go through the next couple of days.

  10. Such good news! You and your daughter will have such fun. Love the vid, my old Sunshine mare used to do that , dash up and stop with her nose on my chest! Tell your sister ,its easy to be kind and supportive to a wonderful gal like you !Prayers for a complication through surgery and a speedy easy treatment and recovery

  11. Your sisters card brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing to say. And so true, go on with a spirit that fears nothing. A wedding and your horse, I am so grateful for you and your posts. You make my day. Instead of me trying to cheer you up, you have touched my heart this day. Thank you dear!

  12. Oh my gosh how PERFECT!!!

    You must just be thrilled :)

  13. What a wonderful thing for you..to have your daughter's wedding at your home! It is such a beautiful setting.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you travel this new road. Hope you recover quickly from surgery and God give you strength in the coming days.


  14. How exciting! Now you have a wedding to plan.

    I like the video, My mare used to do that, scared others around, but now she stays behind others coming up.

  15. How awesome was that!?! That baby loves his mama, that's for sure.

  16. enjoyed the video so much. I'm thrilled that the wedding is going to be at your place. That will be so gorgeous! I can picture it just the way you described. You better be careful with your describing such glorious and fun scenes. You might end up with a lot of blogger friends crashing your daughters wedding! ( you know we'd never do that to you, but it does sound like a delightful event!)

  17. Her photographs are stunning... too bad she can't be the bride AND the photographer! The comments about your "librarian" sister were VERY funny (and true) ha ha

  18. Awesome, what a great surprise!! Really something splendid to look forward to! loved the video with Baby. I just started reading your blog today, started with Baby's snake bite (owwww, that was scary) to the wildfires, (scary again) & now with your latest challenge. Enuff already! Kick that big C in the butt & send it flying!

  19. reading back through your posts!..and enjoying them thoroughly!!

  20. Joy in the midst of worry.

    Isn't life wonderful?

    It keeps balancing us out so we really appreciate the rainbows!

    What a lovely setting for a wedding!

  21. I love this post..... what cute pictures of her and the animals! I too am new to your blog and wish you the best....


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