UPDATE coming soon!

Rather then using puppets or artistic banjo to describe whats been going on lately, I thought I would use this photo instead to sum up the past week ~

taken by William Crawford
taken by my very patient but the best photographer there is brother in law....

thanks Bill!


Fire photos to come, I think we are out of the running now, yay!

(Cant wait to catch up on all your blogs and see what you all have been up to too :) 


  1. Hee Hee..... Godzilla!

    Glad you are out of the running! Waiting for pictures.

  2. can't wait to hear more, glad y'all are okay!!!

  3. Seriously?
    No banjos?
    No puppets?



  4. The new header says a lot.....

  5. your header photo is terrifying. hoping things are good now...

  6. Always love you sense of humor....glad your safe and things are winding down.

  7. Great photo of you....hope your header photo issue has died down.

  8. You really got in character for the part:) I cannot wait to see what Feral girl has been up too. I am glad you are far away from the fires. B

  9. Glad things are settling down but it sounds ominous

  10. Looks like more play than work in California! Hope your fires sre out soon, pretty scary!

  11. I was a fan of Godzilla until he sold-out and started making movies in color with big stars. So until he starts making movies like he used to with men in cheap suits running around stomping their feet on the ground I'm not feeling it. Richard

  12. I hope that fire stays away...stay safe.

  13. You look like a cute kitten instead of Godzilla....

    Please, please stay safe.


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