A Spiked Evening out...

For our anniversary weekend we didnt make pizza like we did the last Saturday night...
(yep, he can flip, mold and make that dough FLY!)

and Ebony didnt get any leftover desserts either...
(like he needs desserts, pffft! Doesnt he look like a Percheron? )

We got into the truck and drove 44 miles to TOWN!!

And we passed the safflower fields of yellow...

Because no siree, we werent going to have any healthy Safflower oil tonight!

Instead we were going to go behind this ivy covered door...

and have the most wonderful dinner you possibly could have in Montana!

Right here in Broadus, Montana -

with Blackberry Sauce!!!! 


On the way back home, our bellies were so full...

That we didnt even mind when the cow ladies and kids took their time to cross the road-

Because it was that kind of good end of the day meal.

I had a content smile on my face too....
(this cow's for you, Buttons!)

We didnt even mind when Mr.Muley Deer didnt want to pose for a quick shot -

We were that content...

Soon the day was ending, and the sun let us know -

even the Southeast Montana wind was going to bed for the night...

Good night sun, thanks for the wonderful Day!

But then we were ambushed! ELK! EEK!

They were armed with SPIKES! SPIKE ELK!

And the head honcho Momma and her gang watched us slowly drive by -

they even lined up in ganglike formation -

but then for some unknown reason decided to seek revenge some other day... 

We are gonna have to watch our backsides out here!!!!

(but darn do they taste gooood!)


The following facts brought to you by The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation located here 

We found out later that Spike Elk are usually yearlings to three year olds, and they hang around their mommas until the big Bull Elk show up in the fall to round up their harems. The antlers on the Elk in my pictures are as big as they are going to get this year; hence thats why they call them "Spike Elk" - they look like spikes (that last fact is for blondes - like me. Gingers and Brunetties need not apply). The antlers grow for about 140 days from early spring on, with a "velvet" coating protecting them because blood circulates through them for growth, due to the increase of the hormone testosterone. These antlers will then harden up, stop having circulation, and lose that shiny velvet in the Autumn - kind of like me at age 48 (this last fact is not listed on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation website ; but it should be - pay attention you 39 year olds). Since these are basically teenager Bull Elk, they will not compete with the big boys in the fall until they reached full maturation a few years ahead.

We also found out that Cow Elk choose which "harem" they want to join with in Autumn, when the big boys come a callin' - the bigger the antlers of a Bull Elk, the more popular he is with the ladies and the bigger his harem -  those ladies be after the healthy, strongest Bull Elk by the size of their rack, ahem! Bull Elk can have up to as many tines on their antlers as nature allows as they mature, since its based on health, environment and genetics combined, not to how many years old they are. 

and so concludes our "Elk Medallion on the hoof"  brief tutorial...


Thank you for reading!




  1. Sounds like you had a beautiful evening, glad the meal was great! Amazing pics-enjoy, and happy anny:@)

  2. Someday I'm gonna make it up to Montana so when I do, can I come a callin'? I love those pictures! I just sit here in hot Texas and let my mind wander...

  3. great post! all sorts of stuff going on in your neck of the woods, er, hills...

    glad you had an amazing dinner, but we sure enjoyed taking your drive home with you. love the header photo!!!

  4. Ebony is a STUNNER. Be still, my heart!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I so love where you live. I live in the woods but have neighbors and no hills. You have hills and NO neighbors. :o)

  6. Belated happy anniversary! Mmmmm elk! my favorite. I'm going elk hunting in about a month.

  7. Great Anniversary Dinner! The trip to and from was very beautiful, I love the domestic cattle and the wildlife! Great pictures and a special post!

    Wishing you both many more happy years ahead!

  8. Thanks Feral I love it. You had a great anniversary I love the photos and the information on the Elk. Who knew?
    I would love to have been there but I hear three is a crowd especially on an anniversary. I am happy you had a special dinner. B

  9. Hi Far Gal, Happy Anniversary, we just had the #33. Always love your photos and you writings.

  10. Happy anniversary there, Feral Woman! May you and your beloved spend another complete lifetime making and sharing wonderful memories!

    PS: Thank you for stopping by the Prairie Farmstead ~ what a heartwarming surprise!

  11. We have an Elk herd here in KY. Your evening out sounds lovely and the drive to/from the restaurant was just too beautiful.

  12. What a great evening. I too love elk meat and I happen to have a bow elk tag for September! I am so excited. Your photos are stunning. Love the sunsets and the photo of Ebony. Congratulations on your anniversary. Nothing makes me happier than to hear about the couples that make it a go. Cheers to you.

  13. wow!!!!!!!! i never got to see any elk in the mountains before we left! love, love, love the pics...sigh.

  14. Your evening sounds like it was heavenly!
    The spike elk look like aliens - I was giggling. Bet I wouldn't have been laughing had I seen them up close and personal!!

  15. Oh, and thanks for the Elk lesson - also sad to find out that the lack of circulation in my head (which leads to major brain outages) is an age thing ;-)

  16. Wow that looks like a fun evening! happy Anniversary, sounds like a good evening.


  18. Great you got out for the big day.Excellent shots of your day. Loved the Sunset shots.

  19. I've looked at that Judges Chambers billboard in Ashland every time we drive through and wondered. They don't happen to have truck parking do they? Dinner sounded delightful! And I've never seen spike elk! How neat! There are always SO many deer and antelope on the stretch of 212 between Broadus and Alzeda. Makes me nervous to drive it at dusk, but so far we havn't been the ones hitting anything. Glad you had such a wonderful evening!

  20. Happy Anniversary - late! Very interesting post. I really enjoyed reading about the elk. I just love nature. I can't believe cows just wander the roads in montana! Ebony is beautiful btw.

    Cindy Bee

  21. Hello ..
    I look around here at times you and am impressed by your blog .. super great landscapes .. to an animal world that here in Germany no longer there was.
    I watch you drop by again ...
    Greetings from Germany


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