Smelling sweet roses

Look whose nose no longer looks like its botoxed!
Its been exactly one month since Ebony was bit on the nose by a Prairie Rattler - 
and now he's got his smeller back!

 That means he can smell my Montana miracle roses!

Theyre not really called that, but since I live in Southeast Montana...

we can get Montana sized Storms with damaging winds.

and sometimes with kitten sized hail... 

 But still the roses prevail ; they be tough!!! like Ebony!!!

And after the storm, theres always a Montana rainbow to look forward to...

 Along with a gorgeous Montana sunset too...

Thank you for looking at our Montana survival success pictorial story!!



  1. oh, these are just spectacular views!!! i think i'd be tempted to put up with kitten-sized hail too to be able to see those rolling hills and huge montana skies...

    (and hurray for baby!)

  2. Big Sky country is fabulous - great pictures! Love your roses too by the way, pretty! So glad Ebony is all over that horrible swelling!

  3. Really beautiful sky shots!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pics! Soooo glad Ebony is ok:@)

  5. ebony's nose and he flowers ar a beautiful sight

  6. I think that picture of Mr. Foresterman sitting on the stoop with the dogs and cat should be framed and hung. I love it. What beautiful pics. So glad your baby is ok and can smell stop and smell the roses again!

    Cindy Bee

  7. I am so happy for Ebony, and you. These photos are absolutely gorgeous I would love to be sitting on your porch looking at those terrible storm clouds with the hail. You have such a beautiful view. I can see why you live there. I would be in Heaven.
    Those roses are very tough like Ebony and I think with your job YOU.
    Thanks for sharing. I will be right over for your next sunset. B

  8. So happy for Ebony!
    Those skies are just amazing..stunning!

  9. Lord have mercy! These are the most stunning pictures I've ever seen, girl!!!!!! Wow!

    I think I can even smell the air from those pictures of the hills and clowdy skies!

    Again, these are the best!!

  10. I love visiting your blog and the pictures are truly inspirational


  11. Your blog is refreshingly different! What a place on earth! Wide sky and peaceful touch. Interesting.The photo with the Montana sky is great!

  12. oh my gosh, those views are amazing. it really makes me miss the i got tears in my eyes. God knows what he's doing. i'm so glad i can enjoy your neck of the woods...beautimous!

  13. Your roses are stunning... as are the shots of the sky under various conditions. I love the purply-blue storm with the verdant green landscape - lovely!

    Hooray for Ebony and his sweet, soft (supple) muzzle! I bet he's happy it isn't 'botoxed' any longer!

  14. You are such a lucky girl for living in God's country. I would love to live there! Your pics are absolutely stunning.

    I'm really happy Ebony is ok now. I read that and was on the edge of my seat hoping for sweet success.

  15. Glad to hear your boy is back to his normal self. The Roses are lovely, my favorite flower. Your place is gorgeous....storms and all.


  16. Darn. The scratch-n-sniff feature on my laptop is not working. Those are beautiful roses. Please ask Ebony to take a good sniff for me with that nicely healed nose of his. Beautiful pictures.

  17. you make me want to move to MT, but then, there's that whole snow thing that's hanging me up.

  18. those views are INCREDIBLE! and so many happy little critters running around, the kitty watching the rainbow is precious.


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