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Mountainous Missoula Day two - Grand Graduations

Tomorrow we're back in the woods and will be working/camping out for the next five days.  
No Internet, no cell phone. Just me, Mr. Foresterman, and Dexterdog...and 100% Deet.  
We'll take photos as usual to show you what we see!
That is, if the Deet doesnt cloud our judgement...


lets talk about something completely different!

It was a stinkin' windy second day in Missoula; it was GRIZ graduation time at University of Montana, 
and we were there to capture the moments of our youngest Daughters's Fiancee Chris's Graduation!!  
phew, that was a long run on sentence! 
Gotta git me some mooore edj-u-ca-jion to make better ones...


it was held in their stadium in the mountains , and It was BIG!

 SO BIG that they call it - MAJESTIC Plaza!

Doesnt that sound like one of those super malls where you can get a haircut, new 1980's clothes, 
and your airbrushed nails done in one of those high lethal acetone suffocation salons 
all in a matter of 3 hours or less?

Anyhow, this event was waaay better!

And prettier!

This is Chris, trying to help us see him...

Now try again - do you see him?

 Can you see him here?

Basically it was all like trying to find "wheres Chris?" while facing the sun and wind and sitting on concrete, and my eyes were near the tearing/bleeding/whimpery stage at one point, but darn it, we did get the shot!

Here he is again - see that silver cord?  He graduated with honors, with a major in both Biology and Philosophy...now he's totally qualified to write run-on sentences with that edj-u-ca-jion. But since hes continuing on to become a  Physical Therapist, it doesnt matter - everyone knows that in the medical field youre suppose to have undecipherable handwriting.... We're proud of you Chris!

Of course with my short attention span, I soon lost sight of Chris, and started photographing other peoples kids, 
who obviously were graduating with a major in Business with emphasis on marketing -

or with a major in International relations -

along with an emphasis in cultural studies -

or a Major in Art with a minor in "bedazzling' -

         I think this one just plans on being a perpetual U of M Griz student -

and these guys either are 
a) volunteers who put out a forest fire & made it back in time to graduate
b) are now certified Fire Science Engineers...

Anyway, it was a very windy day and a lot of caps were flying waay before their time!

Tom Brokaw  spoke too.  I almost forgot about that part!

This was his intro on his commencement speech...it wasnt filmed very well,  
but I blame sitting on concrete with the sun and wind in my tearing/bleeding/whimpering eyes 
& my short attention span on that.
Anyhow, it was alll good....

Then it was time to go !

In order for Chris to actually RECEIVE his diploma that wasnt a diploma but an empty diploma folder as they made a promise to him that his actual Diploma WAS IN THE MAIL (real life education, right there in the works, folks) 
we needed to go inside to one of their many gyms and watch him walk the walk - 
it was like perpetual graduation day!  Yay Chris!

heres the handoff....


The crowd went wild. At least in our little world....

Then it was time for pictures...

Photo by Chris's dad - good job!
Here we are! But you can tell the one on the end is getting hungry..

So most importantly,
Then it was time for cake!!


and that is how Chris got graduated on our second day in Missoula...

stay tuned for more field/forestry shots,
and more Missoula days!



  1. I love going to graduations...just something about them that makes me proud...takes lots of work to get to the end line!

  2. Fun Fun It is such a long exciting event. Congrats to Chris. Congrats to the fellow Canadian with the cool hat. LOL. Just kidding all of them worked hard to get there.Yeah graduation.Now get a job.
    Feral you have fun in them there woods with Foresterman. I can't wait to see the photos. 5 days, way to long but I am as patient as you. B

  3. Congrats to Chris! Love the shots of the hats in the crowd! Looks like you had a nice time:@)

  4. How cool! I would have liked to have watched my youngest, walk the walk, but he opted to just get that piece of paper in the mail. His explanation was that it cost too much money for all the extras. He really doesn't go for all the pomp and ceremony, but I wanted to see it anyway.

  5. I found Chris in the pictures - he was the one in black, right?

    Congrats. What fun!

  6. Came over from Button's Thoughts. Loving your blog.

  7. Pretty interesting how some of them decorated the tops of their mortan boards. That still is what they call those things, isn't it?? LOL

    In my day (oh how I hate saying that, sounds so old but then guess I am) they would have kicked us out and not graduated us if we pulled a stunt like that. Then I guess it was a miracle if anyone graduated with any kind of creativity at all back in my day.

    The cake looks good, not sure if it's work sitting on concrete seats for. LOL

    Congratulations, Chris!

  8. My niece and I just went camping for like, 1 and a half hours! We got scared! Congrats to Chris. Something to be very proud of.

    Cindy Bee

  9. I think I found Chris in the bigger photo- about smack dab in the middle, looking to his right?
    Congratulations on his big day. Love the family shot, and all the creative boards.

  10. a minor is bedazzling . . . you are hilarious!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built


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