Has anyone ever felt this way?

You know you need a spa vacation when you notice...

Your horses have longer, prettier hair then you do...

with sunkissed highlights to match their tan...

  and you envy the fact that birds get to hang out with their friends without guilt or time constraints...

and that the water in the creek gets to laugh as much as it wants to while it works it way downstream...

Or it can just sit in a puddle and contemplate the sunset all it wants...

   and the dog gets to have fun just walking to the mailbox and back, 
while you get to read the bills...

And then you notice that the wildflowers wear their latest free color better 
then you have in your whole entire paid closet...

 and then youre even more envious when you realize that 
even the plainest, littlest chubby bird still looks adorable 
carrying some extra poundage...

 then you look out onto the hayfield, 
wishing you were just a blade of grass, or even a weed,
no pressure,
 but to grow straight 

the sun.




I'll take one attitude adjustment, please.

to go.





  1. All great pics, love the last one! And yep, some days are like that:@)

  2. Sometimes I feel that way...most days I feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world....I would like to find time to get a haircut though...xoxoxo

  3. I'm feeling it too Feral Woman! I could definitely use some time away. I'm not much into spas really, but an ocean, or a big lake, with some coffee/wine and a balcony seat..yup I could sure use that.

    Poor rattle snake :)

    Cindy Bee

  4. Fantastic photos...and yep, lots of days I feel this way!

  5. Except for the bills in the mailbox the place in your pictures looks like my idea of a perfect vacation location. Of course there would need to be a maid and a chef and a spa and someone to vet the horses, no phones....but you DO have a gorgeous location.

  6. i know you have to work for a living and that requires traveling away from your place, but like the other commenters above, your place looks a bit like the best getaway in the world to a lot of folks. :) i just wish you could spend more time there enjoying it...

  7. First beautiful photos.
    Second snap out of it. You are a very beautiful lucky woman and these tough days will pass. You will be doing what you want, looking like you want, and eating what you want in your beautiful house making your flat bread watching the snow fly soon enough. Smile Feral you are awesome. B

  8. Oh yeah, know exactly what you are saying. And that's when I have to force myself to sit down and write down at least 5 things I am grateful for. I think you are beautiful (loved the full on picture of you with the rattler!) and so is the heaven you live in! But...don't get down on yourself for feeling that way, we ALL do it once in a while. It's what we do after we realize it that makes the difference. Have a WONDERFUL day!

  9. Feeling a little stressed, are we?
    Yes, I know those wistful feelings! But just think, if you were any of those things you couldn't blog!

  10. Ah well, just look around you and count your blessings- those birds, dogs, plants and creeks aren't judging you or telling you what to do! Have a blessed Sunday.

  11. I am in awe of this post. Love it!!

  12. I feel ya, I have those days. Taking that moment to stop and look around always seems to help put everything in order.

    Love your photos!

  13. Okay, yes everyone, I admit it. I have whined. and I wanted balloons for my pity party except the closest place i can buy balloons is two hours away, so that isnt going to happen. Then i thought cheese, but I already have cheese in the frig so thats no fun to whine about something you already have. then i realized i have it pretty darn good here...

    Esp. after all of you took the time to write comments to me - Now I got a big smile on my face and Now I know I have some pretty darn good blogger friends to nudge me the way Baby & Dexterdog nudge me in that special way when i need it...

    I NUDGE YOU BACK, my Blogger Friends!!! :) !!!!

  14. I think we all get that overwhelmed feeling now and again. Just breath it will come around


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