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During our second week of "not quite in timber-cruising shape yet" I saw...

the big honkin' trees through the forest,

one honkin' big piece of quartz,

  more big honkin' rocks to walk on and around ,

along with the ghosts of goblin ferns past,

and false Solomon's seal,

and even more big honkin' quartzy" rocks... 

 we had big, honkin' slopes to eat our last lunch/or first dinner on,

(dont lose that bottle of water Mr. Foresterman...!)

with a big honkin' faraway city to stare at,

and then it was time for more of those big honkin' slopes to stagger on,

   that seemed even slope-ier then before,

with water...lots of it..big honkin' gushing waterways,

which big honkin' Dexterdog really enjoyed...

Did we mention the big honkin' 5000+'  ft  hills?

 with pussy toes,

and prairie violets...

and then...
 at the end of the day,
we were very grateful to sleep in the big honkin' truck!!
 But all big honkin' whining aside,
we are also grateful that we have work to do, 
we get do it allll over again the next day!!

We are on the road again - another 5 days - and back in the woods. 
Hopefully this time around it wont be in the 80's and it wont be as 



but im grateful my gluts are honkin' big...




  1. always love your tours of (forest) duty! honkin' or not!!! you always have such beauty (and humor) to share!

  2. Can I come and work with you guys?!

  3. That's once cool honkin' office you work in.

  4. Much better than joining a gym and great views:@)

  5. I know it is hard work but if you have to work it looks like a great job...yep,,you really need one of the little trailers to pull behind that truck..climbing into your own little featherbed at night would be the end of a perfect day!

  6. It must be a thrill, after you get up there on the top, and you can see that great view of the city at such a distance!

    Much better than rush hour traffic in a big city!

    Thank you so much (!) for sharing the experience with us.

  7. Those views from high up are gorgeous! Nothing like seeing the world from above :)


  8. Thanks for the big honkin' scenic tour! Gorgeous.

  9. The other commenters had way more cleaver comments, so I give up on the big honkin' and just want to say that these pictures are beautiful!! Thanks for give us a tour!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built

  10. Wow that is a beautiful view, sure glad for the tour!

  11. What a beautiful area, thanks for sharing it. So what is timber crusing exactly? Looks interesting anyway. Did your ducks hatch?

  12. i saw some big honkin stuff too in the mountains but i'm not s sure i could work like you do. maybe supervise the work =)

    mountain mama

  13. A lot of honkin going on in those woods.

  14. I just stumbled on your blog....so beautiful! I'm so excited to follow you and go with on your adventures. By the way, I love your neck of the woods. =) My hubby and I go to NE WYO and the Black hills every chance we get. The history is so amazing. Think of the people that passed through your area long ago. Almost chilling!

    Fairchild Farmgirl

  15. That's a great honking job you got there!


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