A little bird told me ...

  Hey, Mrs. Lady - we can hear you whine all the way 
out here by the feeders...

 Exactly what is your issue??

Well, we have been working non-stop since January, then I got sick for a bit that set me back... 
and I want to enjoy living here, but its hard when we have fallen behind in so many things. 
I feel like I havent caught up and then I have to travel for work back and forth, 
and now summer is here and I havent even washed windows!

 Well, you just need to be a little more organized, 
and eat one seed at a time...
 Right guys?

 Gosh yes, me and Mr. Grossbeak totally agree... right dear???


 Uhmmm, I think maybe we should add 
healthy communication with others to the list...

 Oh yes, yes count me in!!! Yes yes I agree to that!!! 

 Heh heh, he should have communicated better 
with his barber...heh heh!

heh heh

hes right behind me, 
isnt he...

 Yes he is DEAR.

 Listen mrs. lady, pay no attention to those others! 
Dont worry,
us crossbill gang have got it all under control...

Just keep the feeder filled while youre gone...

and no one will get hurt, 'k ?

 Oh for goodness sake, cut it out you crossbills...

Listen Mrs. Lady, just one seed at a time, 
and use healthy communication when you feel the urge to whine...
Thats all there is to it.

You'll be fine.

If He takes care of us birds, 
how much more He will care for you???


Thank you Mr. Finch.  

I truly needed to hear that.

to be reminded of what its really all about.

One seed at a time...

healthy communication...



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