“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


Sometimes in the gist of things...

You come across road blocks...

that make it difficult moving forward in living life.

But sometimes they make you stop and smile...

But then sometimes they just make you worry.

Sometimes these road blocks sneak up on you...

like a big honkin' snapping turtle.

A really big scary one.

A REALLY big scary sneaky one.

And so not only do you get concerned...

but those that care do too.

Because bad things can happen.

REALLY bad scary things.



Thank Heavens we are in good company 
with caring friends & family 
when those REALLY big scary"road blocks"
sneak  up on us!!

Unfortunately, some western painted turtles were maimed 
in the photographing of this incident on my way to the post office in Otter, MT. 
 Snapping turtles are scary, and to be avoided at all costs.
Especially if you dress like a western painted turtle...

Lets get happy again, shall we?
Check out these "this is a good thing" road blocks
 that will make you smile -





  1. That is a giant, scary snapper! Wonderful shots, though!

  2. Snappers aren't good for anything but soup! Happy Weekend:@)

  3. Dear Feral I love this you hit the nail on the head life can be scary and family and friends will get you through it. I love the painted turtles, snapper not so much, I watched one snap a broom handle in half with my Grandfather when I was a kid. Beautiful shots. Happy Mother's Day. Love this post. B

  4. wonderful pictures!

    What kind of cattle do you raise?

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos! I've spent way too much time on your blog this morning, but found every post I read interesting, and I just had to add you to my Reader list, and follow you via GFC.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

  6. Unbelievable nature photos. The cattle are gorgeous also. Enjoyed my visit today.

  7. Great post and sentiment. It is nice to have caring friends and family when the big scary things happen!
    Thanks for being there!
    Poor little turtle!

  8. we had some big snappers on our pond the first few years here. we got tired of watching them pluck the ducklings and even broke the leg of one adult duck. so hubby shot one (must have been the male) and i relocated 2 females to other ponds down the road (when they came out to lay eggs, i got them into huge tubs and drove them away). we've not seen any activity from them in at least 2 years. :) now snakes? we've got plenty of those...

  9. As I read this post I was thinking of the music to "Jaws".....

  10. Amazing shots.Hope your road blocks are the kind that are small and make you smile

  11. Great post...as always! Hope you are okay.

  12. You have all kinds of critters in your neck of the woods that I've never seen in mine. Beautiful....despite the scary aspect of the snapping turtle.

  13. Cute post. Funny when hubs and I took a walk around the back pond today he almost stepped on a baby turtle and I returned it to the pond. But not before I suggested it would be a great gift to the granddaughters. Hubs said no. He never wants any of the wildlife on our land to be transplanted. The grandchildren usually come catch a few tadpoles each spring which he overlooks because we have two pond with thousands of tadpoles swimming around in them.

  14. Sometimes cruel nature has good life lessons.

  15. Great pictures - but that sure is a scary turtle!!

    Sarah from The House That Ag Built


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