Rain Rain go away...just for now please...

When rains come out here in Southeastern Montana, they become more then just rains...the annual precipitation for Powder River County is 15 inches, which includes snow pack (12 inches of snow equals 1 inch of water)   - so a rainfall of over 3 inches in 48 hours means serious flooding - and thats why Eastern Montana is scratching their heads and saying "?".  And the scary thing is, all rivers run North here - its bizarre I know but we like it - but our water comes off of the Bighorn Mountains into our tributaries - they just had a snowstorm of over a foot of snow during this same time, and the seasonal snow hasnt even really melted off of the Bighorns yet -

In other words, we are not even at our seasonal peak run-off ... 

So,  tangent - I dont mean for my Catholic child guilt to take over this post, but this is most likely my fault because we did just move from NW Wisconsin and brought the long winter weather with us accidently; apparently we forgot to leave the spring rains behind too... and I recklessly planted Fort Laramie strawberries, sub arctic roses and one Lilac of Moscow two weeks ago and hoped that it would rain enough to feed them while I was out working in the woods...I actually asked for rain ...So...Im sorry...Montana :( 

 I was very selfish and I wont do it again.

Okay, so far in the damage assessment around here been one leaky roof corner section - where the dish attaches, caulk pronto, and much repair on the woodwork around one window. Mr. Foresterman is on the roof as I type this, and I think he said pay no attention if I hear something hit the ground and go splat in the mud...or was that pay attention?  Oh I dont know...anyhow, we lost some big trees  : (      and we have washout creek banks and soggy hayfields, and some heavy duty erosion out on our road -  the horse and pony show actually used their shed too, thats how icky it was...and believe it or not we still have to work this week in the Black Hills...I told you life was complicated over here...Anyhow, 

 Heres some photos ~

As you can see, we somewhat have some repairs to do, but really, compared to most, we are unscathed and others have had much worse;  please keep your thoughts and prayers for those who have to deal with sooo much more... lost houses, stores, and businesses - not good...Also for the critters - not only can these kind of rains weaken new little babies out there, but wildlife suffers long term too - amphibian eggs were  definitely washed away - less future amphibians means more bugs, more bugs means more disease for livestock, wildlife and humans... ground laying birds will have difficulty with eggs hatching (uneven temps, wet eggs) so less babies = less birds ... and basically wet soil makes for unstable land - as you can see we are losing part of a hillside...it is going to be a rough spring if this keeps up.

The ironic thing in all of this?

We moved here because it was quiet...


and dry



  1. oh, it is TOTALLY your fault!

    i hate to see the erosion. and yes, i worry about livestock and critters getting sick, washed away, etc. and yet so many are devastated with nothing left.

    hope you don't mold there, dearie! (good luck in the black hills as i know NORTH dakota is getting major flooding so i'm assuming SOUTH will get some too...)

  2. Pretty soggy everywhere. There are prairie towns in Saskatchewan that are getting flash floods from 3 inches of rain in three hours....

  3. Dear Feral I will be praying for all the weather woes people are having this year it seems to be one thing after another.
    I hope things get better for you. You still have your sense of humour, that is a start. B

  4. I don't think we can blame you for Montana. ;)
    Lots of erosion here along the road cuts. I HATE those "falling rock" signs!

  5. I hope everything dries up soon. I know it's a lot of extra work, wishing you the best:@)

  6. But just think how GREEN it's gonna be. We're a soupy mess in NE WI, so i feel your pain. It's almost June, and most fields lie waiting for tractors.

  7. I know it's a sin to wish for dry weather in our part of the country, but at 6 inches I've had enough for now. So hopefully it will dry up and then rain at a normal pace.
    Good to see that it looks like you guys made it though okay.

  8. Thats a lot of rain for an area of no rain. Hope it all gets back to normal for you guys and all the others out there.

  9. We are extra wet here too, which in central KY means mo mowin', mo mowin', mo mowin'

  10. I wish this weather debacle was something so simple as someone asking for it. Sure would be a lot easier to fix if that was the case.

    I have some leftover Catholic guilt kicking around too but it's not stepped up to claim responsibility for the weather but who knows, it could happen I guess.

    Every time I see the weather reports with their storm maps of the midwest, I pray........for those poor people and also in gratitude that I'm not having to deal with that. So tragic. I can't even imagine.

  11. Hello, on a totally un-weather related note. I just discovered your blog and I'm charmed by the photos, it is wonderful to see my home country from your fresh perspective.


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