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Pasque-ing in the Springtime

I saw my first Pasque Flower on Mothers Day...

and this is what we did ~

We did what most people do...

we went for a sunday drive ~


Sometimes the traffic was a little much, but still we trundled on...

We explored and saw lots of neat things - like old growth sawn logs...

And lots of Pasque flowers.

And I learned that using your telephoto lens is not a good idea for self portrait shots...

But still it was all good.

Hope you had just as a peaceful & a poetic day as we did!



  1. Looks like you had a great day! I've never seen those flowers before, very pretty:@)

  2. That would be my favourite way to spend a day. Beautiful shots. Wow you are isolated but boy all that traffic must be annoying. B

  3. Absolutely stunning shots..such gorgeous country!

  4. what a great time of year to be in your neck of the woods or hills or back 'roads'. :)

  5. Awesome way to spend the day! That would be great country for trail riding. I imagine it's all open range or cattle lease land?
    I see the Oregon Grapes are blooming. we used to pick the new tender leaves and chew them, they have a really tart flavor.

  6. Ahhhh, delightful! I need a day like that - can't remember when we just 'poked' around. Man, I am so sorry the traffic was so bad!

  7. That's my kind of day! Thanks for sharing yours:)

  8. First time I see the Pasque flowers. They are lovely. That first picture is something else!!

    It seems you had a good time, although the traffic was so "chaotic"... that was sweet.

    Wish you a great week.

  9. What a Sunday drive!!! Gorgeous!

  10. Wow gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing!

  11. a Sunday drive, Montana style. There's nothing like it!

  12. Beautiful pics....love the pics of the poor little turtles a couple of posts back. And the cows in the middle of the road taking a break!

    Cindy Bee

  13. Looks like a peaceful kind of day except for the telephoto shot, that would be frustrating. I think my camera is supposed to capture whatever I want, the way I want it. Too bad they don't make one like that. LOL

    Belated Happy Mother's Day!

  14. Great day out in cowboy country. Fantastic scenery, love your photographs.

  15. I haven't heard that name for what I call Crocuses. They are one of my favourite flowers on the prairie, coming in the spring along with the new calves. What a nice drive.

  16. This is what I like to do any day that I can. We did it yesterday to get a load of wood so can stay warm this winter. And those photos of the flowers are wonderful. Wish I could take them that close. I tried and tried on some shooting star penstimins and never got what I wanted. I will watch your blog for more.


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