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No wallpapering yet, because WE WENT TO MOUNTAINOUS MISSOULA-MONTANA!!

We went to our future Son-in-Law's graduation...University of Montana, Missoula!

We heard Tom Brokaw give the commencement speech...

             And heard the Blackfeet Nation sing their version of a National Anthem...

And we all cheered!!!  Go GRIZ!!!!!

Speaking of which -

We took Engagement photos of our youngest and the Graduate too...
He likes to rescue her from Grizzilies when they fly fish...and when they go out at night....

 And during one afternoon, we cried buckets 
and snifffully took photos of our youngest trying on wedding dresses...
did I say I cried?
I did.  So did she.
But in a good sort of way...

 We basically took lots of photos of Missoula - 

Until my eyes got puffy.  They are still kind of puffy.

But its a happy puffy!

It was spring, so the Clark River was roaring...

and things 
were blooming, yay!

And Texwisgirl's favorite rodent was busy doing...

whatever squirrels do in Missoula...!

Not all places though were thinking Spring though...

Idaho is in the ice age.

  And we thought our Winter was long. This was taken this past weekend!

Our Oldest and our potential Son-in-Law were enthralled...
and did you know that he stands over 6 feet tall?
 I wanted to put black electric tape on him to measure the snow, but our oldest told me "no"...
He was all for it though.  I like him lots.

Anyway, the poor cabin fevered ranger stationed there thought his hand was an otter... 

Our Oldest played along as to not upset him....shes nice that way.
Hopefully Spring will arrive there soon at Lolo pass.

So moving on, Missoula is so stinkin' pretty, that even my most crappiest photo proved it -
even the stoplights have their own mountain view!

And even though everyone thinks Missoula is in California, 
I found proof that its still in Montana -
I  took  this picture at the University.
In Montana.

~ All in all, It was the best weekend ever so far of 2011!!~ 


We have so many photos that we have been going through  - even with a 3 & 1/2 hour visit to the dentist this week, preparing to go work in the Black hills, and complicated living - I am bound and determined to highlight the highlights of our long weekend in Missoula...
Starting SUNDAY!!

And in the meanwhile, stay in touch with people who really can blog effortlessly unlike some peoples...






  1. Looks like you had a beautiful trip:@)

  2. I can't wait to see more. I would have cried too.The dress looks pretty. I am so glad everyone had a great time.
    You are funny I would love to see when you all get together I am sure that kind of sense of humour is genetic. It would be a blast. Congrats to all. B

  3. Looks like a great time with your family. Montana is gorgeous!

  4. sounds like a GREAT weekend for you and yours. love your happy girls smiling (and crying). and fluffy-tailed rodentia!!! woo hoo!!! :)

  5. Hey, now, no crying over the bride-to-be. Gotta be tough now...yeah, right! I can't even imagine going through that stage!! Trying on dresses will definitely do it. It sure is beautiful out there. I hope I can go west someday in my life! Looks like you had heaps of fun!! You take such fun pictures!

  6. You know I am from South Africa when I ask you,How is it that those kids are standing next to heaps of snow and wearing t-shirts???? It is beautiful there,if ever I go to USA Montana will be one of my first stops!

  7. What a great time you had!

    That last picture you posted is adorable. So tender, sweet and precious!

  8. Love your photos and narrative of your western Montana trip! I admit that it's pretty over there, but I prefer my trees and mountains in moderation! Over west there is no shortage of great subject matter for your camera.Having your first chld getting married can be very emotional experience. Our oldest of two sons is married so we've been there and done that! One good thing for us though,being parents of the groom is so much cheaper than being the bride's!

  9. What a lovely time you had I can understand those Happy tears. what a lovely state you live I still can't believe how much snow there is.

  10. Congrats to your daughter on her engagemnt and to her man on his graduation! Missoula is neat, what we've seen or it. We frequently fuel there at the Co-op. And I LOVE the drive from Lewiston, ID to Missoula by way of Lolo pass. But its much more relaxing in summer time. Its so icy in the winter in those curves. Makes me nervous! Glad you had a happy and safe trip. The picture of him saving her from the bear was a hoot!

  11. Congratulations to your future-son-in-law, aka: the college graduate. That is a great accomplishment. Glad you all had a wonderful time in Missoula. It is obvious in your family pictures that you will have many more good times to come and many more of those happy tears to shed.

  12. What beauty: views, daughter, dress... even the snow was impressive! Even though I live at high elevation (7400 ft) I am so thankful it isn't a mountain pass. Yuck... that much snow, in May, would be very depressing!!

  13. I would be so depressed if I lived in Idaho. Beautiful pics, beautiful moments in your lives.

    Cindy Bee

  14. Wow that is beautiful! It has been so long since I been there, Im thinking its time for a road trip :)

  15. WAs there something I missed? What were you doing in Idaho? Can't believe all that snow but then we still have snow here. Not at my house, of course, but at Snoqualmie pass. This is really late spring for that much snow here.

    What we see of the dress is lovely. I would be crying too if I was sharing that experience.

  16. Great trip! I can't believe the snow- wow! You should have measured it using the young man as a yardstick. Tell your daughter it would prove his love if he cooperated with her blogging mom! I have a few of Texwis' rodentia here too. I believe there are lots of them out there. Are they all hers?


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