Mountainous Missoula Day one - Beautiful Weddings (warning, feminine content ahead)

LETS THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS AGAIN !!!  I really had fun putting this post together - remembering the wonderful much needed weekend visit to Missoula...Especially after the cops knocked on our motel room door tonight, inquiring about any suspicious drug activity as someone had called in to report our room know youre getting older when they quickly glance at your timber cruising gear strewn about the room, and shaved samoyed Dexterdog, and dismiss you immediately...Im blogging from Rapid City, which we actually drove to Tuesday night and made it over the very flooded Belle Fourche river to get here.  Things are flooded, but not in the Black Hills, so we can begin to work again...if we keep down the suspicious drug activity...All I have is some ibuprofen...but i think its pretty good stuff...  Yes, weird stuff happens to us all  the time - I dont why - it must be our personalities...

Anyhow, our Missoula trip was memorable too!  We arrived the Thursday night before, and our youngest daughter bride to be Annabel had set up an appointment for late morning on Friday at the most lovely boutique called "Beautiful Weddings Bridal"  - located in Downtown historic Missoula  - Heres the link HERE!  

And yes, i cried and sniffled and ooo'ed and ah'ed and it was all wonderful....

Annabel at the beginning had asked us, "how will I know which dress, theres so many!?" 
We told her, 
"ohhh, you'll know"....

She had so much fun trying on gowns - there really was so many - two rooms full! And as you can see, shes a tiny smite of a thing, so many of the sample size dresses were on the big size side for her, and she had to stand on a stool to really get the ideal train flow...but thats okay because not only can they order a dress for you in the right size, but they do alterations too! 

But for Annabel, this was not the right dress yet; although its very pretty on her! It made me cry!

This is Katie, and she was a sweetheart! If you want to try on dresses, we strongly recommend Katie for her expertise, calm patience, and FUN attitude - Shes WONDERFUL!!! Her mother owns the shop, and she and her sister work with all the new brides; they have so much advice to offer, like a wedding wikipedia, but with correct information!!! 
Katie has THREE little boys, so she adores playing dress up 
with all the brides that come in for try-ons and fittings!

She also helped in determining fit with each dress - she has her mother's eye for sure...
isnt the fit of this dress just wonderful? 
But this wasnt the dress either.
 i started to cry when i saw her...

This Dress was definitely a contender; the lace work was just beautiful...

heres a close up....isnt the lace exquisite?

But this wasnt the one either!

I still cried.

She also had quite a selection to choose from for veils: the boutique has a huge rack of them! Although she didnt choose this veil as its a little too posh... 
i didnt cry for this one...

Ah, but this veil seemed to fit the bill...maybe? 
 I whimpered.

In the end she did end up trying on quite a  few dresses, keeping Katie busy and me in kleenexes...
but then ~

She found the one that made HER cry...

and we smiled...

 Momma and Poppa bought it and its in storage...

What? You want to see it?

Nope, cant see it before the Groom does, its bad luck you know!

But take our word for it, 

She looked beautiful.



  1. Aw, it sounds like a very special day:@)

  2. lol...i knew you were not going to show it! Can't wait to see pics of everything!

  3. Wow I cannot wait for the wedding pics you have me intrigued. I love your photos the last one made me cry too. It was just beautiful B

  4. that last image is just wonderful... i'm so glad you left the dress a mystery for all concerned except for the bride, her mom, and the lovely bridal shop woman!

  5. Great post, those dresses are amazing and your daughter is beautiful in them. Can't wait to see "the one"!

    That's quite a drive to be going to the Black Hills from here for work all the time.

  6. Oh come on! Not even a sneak peek!?

    She's a gorgeous gal..can't wait to see The One!

  7. Can't wait to see it!
    I love wedding dresses - I've never seen a bride look anything but stunning in her dress!
    As far as the cops coming to your room... you better tone it down... you wild thing, you!

  8. She looks lovely in all the dresses- she will be the perfect bride walking down the aisle. When is the big day?

  9. What fun! What memories in the making!What a ton of Kleenex for crying mamma! I'm looking at this thinking "Hmm? I have 4 daughters!" I used to be a bridal seamstress, but they might want one from a store. I'm open either way. I can't wait to see the dress she picked.

  10. What a sweet day. No girls in my life of boys...enjoy the process!

  11. well if its anything like the ones she tried on, it will be extremly pretty! That style looks great on her! These will be the first of many wedding tears to come, but they will all be happy wedding tears! Enjoy the experience together!

  12. Beautiful girl.I remember looking for dresses dfor my wedding , I had some nasty woman make reference to the fact I was not a slim girl. and my friend Cindy nearly clawed her eyes out ! Then went to another store , and just when I thought I would never find it ,I put on one , turned and looked in the mirror, and just said "oh!" that was it , perfect!
    Hope to see pictures on the blessed day!

  13. What a special day to share with your daughter. I'm loving it. Can't wait to see the dress she decided is "THE ONE!"

    I didn't care much for that one veil either.

  14. How awesome...what a fun day!!! Can't wait to see the one she picked out!


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