During our first wild working week back in the Black Hills, we saw -

A wildfire's leftovers from a long ago,

a wild looking Birch catkins,

a wildly happy Timber Cruisin' dog,

a  waiting foresterman wilding a hot potato GPS,
 (waiting for satellites and good karma to line up)

 wind damage from a wild-like wind,

a wildflower called  a "shooting star",

a far off wilderness called "Rapid City",

Wildlife toe prints of momma deer and baby,

a wild iris,

a wanna be wilder Marmaduke,

Wild Mint,

 A wild-wood stand of Ponderosa Pine,

 a wildly wicked Mountain Pine beetle pitchout,

a  Spring Azure butterfly with wild wings,

Wild Sarsaparilla,
(yes, the one that makes "rootbeer"!)

photo by Mr. Foresterman
 And one wildlife hugging encounter with an alarmed Smokey the Bear.

So it was a good week, if you discount the cop visits twice in 24 hours at our motel room!
Someone had reported the wrong room number, and we got to chat with Rapid City's finest...

What will next week bring?

 A new post!
"Mountainous Missoula - Grand Graduations, Day 2" 



  1. Neat pics! That is truly one wild iris, just growing out there on it's own:@)

  2. Your pictures are such a pleasure. What a fantastic view on the seventh foto!! I travel with you.
    Have a great Sunday!

  3. Belas fotos da Natureza....Espectacular....

  4. loved all of them (except maybe the spit, i mean, pitchout from the beetle...) the last one, you're right! Smoky looks a little like a deer in the headlights, not sure what to do about your obvious affection! :)

    (hi dexter dog!)

  5. I just laughed out loud at Smokey's expression...that photo is priceless!!

  6. I guess Smokey isn't used to ladies running up and giving him a hug!

    Great pics!

    Have a good cruisin' week!

  7. Oh boy I love this you are a very lucky girl to have a job where you are surrounded by all this beauty OK except for the pine beetle.
    Your motel sounds like a very good patrolled one. LOL
    Enjoy your work Feral wish I could be there to help just my kind of work. B

  8. I really enjoyed your shooting star photo. I grew up in western montana where I had lots of those around and I miss them, they are my favorite!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Dexter Dog looks like he's having a good roll-over! It looks like Smokey has a different expression from the usual - is he embarrassed? :-)

    Nice post!

  10. Gorgeous pictures and the one with Smokey is too funny!--Inger

  11. Love the wonderfully wild photos!

  12. Beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing. Since summer has finally started to grace us, I look forward to our wildflowers. The wild iris are my favorite.

  13. Should be illegal to have a job that lets you have such a wild time!
    The wilderness is your playground.

  14. Love your pictures - Would love it more if I could be there!
    Getting the word out.. still and again for Haley - today she is in the hospital receiving yet again another blood transfusion - She needs a bone marrow transplant - Please go to her Facebook page and like it - if you can donate - Please say "I want to donate" and I will contact you with all you need. thank you - Kelly
    Sunday Post
    Haley's Facebook Page
    I've Become My Mother
    I've Become My Mother facebook

  15. Wonderful photos , the Mountain Pine Beetle does such devastating damage!

  16. a mountain beetle what? i think i should know this since my name is mountain mama and all.

    that dog is adorable! that last picture is hilarious! he looks totally shocked, hee hee.

  17. Hey, I'm a little slow, but welcome to the Black Hills! I live over by Deadwood. I worked for the Forest Service as TSI in college and moved on the job corps. Glad you enjoyed the hills.


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