Do to unseen issues...

Sundays post has been delayed to Monday. I think.

Who'd thunk that SE Montana is wet country?

As "in whoops there goes the road" country?



  1. We had lots of flooding here too, we can't get anywhere. I'm thankful for the rain but it would do us more good if it wasn't all at once and just washing away.

  2. my hubby had told me Montana was flooding. (he works for FEMA). the flooding and storms have been TERRIBLE this year for so many! stay safe!

  3. That's a lot of water! Seems that flooding is a problem in a lot of places. The dike committee here is keeping a close eye on the Kootenay River; if the dikes are breached, our place will be under water. There's a lot of snow left in the mountains and the forecast has rain for the next few days.

  4. Mother Nature is sure throwing us all a curve ball this year. I wonder what's coming next but must admit it makes me nervous I even wrote that. Things have been bad enough without adding some weird jinx to the mix.

    Hope you and yours are safe.

  5. Hi Feral Gal, Isn't that the was it go's either not enough or far to much, no happy medium. Be safe.

  6. Wow I guess being in Montana you do not own a boat.
    Be safe hope everyone is OK. B

  7. I hope everyone is safe and that the water evaporates, soaks into the ground, drains away soon, goes somewhere else. Hope you have have lots of sunshine in the upcoming forecast.

  8. So wet in so many places this spring! Can't we just send it all to Texas for a couple days??? Take care:@)


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