when no ones looking...


...you decide to slap on some bravado while on good drugs awaiting a root canal, mess with the video feature on your camera and end up with all kinds of video on the internet. So I figure what the heck, i'll share my early video mistakes here. easily. Can you spot all the feral things wrong with my very first video I posted below? Im sure once the root canal drugs clear my system I will be able to too.

As you can see, still photography is my passion - but darn it Im going to conquer this video software thang' as if its the last custard filled donut sitting on the divider between me and Dexterdog, and Im sitting in the drivers seat driving. Really, I am pretty much driven with badger-like tenacity to learn how to make videos; of summer horse rides,   back road truck rides,  and some light timber cruising without too much pain involved on either side. Anyhow, I think this uncut, cutoff and pre-cut "very first afternoon with the video filming" will be okay, because I included things like a sleeping dog and a video bomb cat...people like animals, right? Please dont mind the finger stumbling either - that fluffy floating cat's tail almost got chewed up in the strings...

And somewhere I think I just heard my family sigh, and go into hiding...."why must she?" they ask, as  once again  the windows are shuttered and the doors are locked of their familial pride...

"video? did you say we're going video?"

So to pre-answer some things....Yes, the dog is alive, thats just the way he sleeps...And no, I didnt brush my hair after messing with the horses; we're all shedding out this time of year...and yes that is a chair on the table- we dont ask why.  And no, I havent finished painting the pile of baseboards yet. And yes, that really is my backyard in Montana - I dont deserve it. And no, really, I am a legally unaided adult with a bonafide drivers license who is allowed to vote...and yes, I know most people dont appreciate this musical instrument, but me and this instrument have a lot in common, such as annoying people without meaning to...and a feral woman has to keep her mind off of the root canal blues somehow!


without further ado,

Thank you for tolerating this feral video!

(And yes, I can vaguely play the beginning of the idiot savant song from the movie "deliverance".
Did you really need to ask? :)



  1. This post had me laughing out loud..
    My husband refers to my tenacity as badger-like.
    I think it should be required by rural law to know that song if you own a banjo!
    Your yard is breathtaking and yeah..you do deserve it :)

  2. Oh My Gosh Feral You are definitely a woman of many talents. I love it. I am truly glad I found you. You make me laugh all the time but now you truly have me tapping my feet. Good job. B

  3. Love this - and that you put that out there. Very talented (and I love the view!)

  4. you're too cute! did dexter dog wake up to your pickin and grinnin? or did he continue to lie in the corner like dead meat? at least the cat gave you a drive by!

  5. *Clapping* I feel the need to go to a bluegrass festival now! But since it's snowing I'll just have to settle for my Ipod :)

  6. My sympathy on the root canal! Loved the video, and the commentary cracked me up. I like banjo music, and it's the perfect instrument for sittin' on your porch and looking at that view. Nice to see you!

  7. LOVED the video and LOVE LOVED your written comments! A much needed laugh this day! :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Awww, you had me set up for a disaster of a video...not a good one! I love Banjo. Many, many years ago I wanted to get one - never did.
    Hey, I know Deliverance on the guitar. Wait, I used to know Deliverance on the guitar. No worry about a video response - I gave the guitar to my nephew!!
    I couldn't see the hair on the table and your backyard is awesome!

  9. Loud clapping!!!!!! Wow! thanks for sharing that unknown tidbit about yourself with all of us here in bloggerland. :o)

    My neighbor is a wonderful banjo player, he's played on the Grand Ole'Opera twice( way back in the 60's) He palyed back up for several famous people, all of which escapes my memory now( blonde moment) I could listen to him play all day, Hmmmmmmm!
    Getting any snow yet? We've received 3-5" and it's melting and still snowing, April in MT, gotta love it :o)

    Blessings for your week

  10. The video is great! It's been years since I've heard a banjo solo. Hope your root canal thing went okay.

  11. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today. You can play that thing pretty darn good for the feral woman you are.

  12. I LOVE the banjo! How I miss the bluegrass encounters of TN! Thank you!

  13. That is just classic ....Love It!!!

  14. Hey now we know what you look like without your hat.Love Dexter, that got a laugh. That is some view you have going on there. You are multi talented, I thought the video was pretty good.


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