A too rough of a week means we need pretty...NOW

Gimme a toad lily...

A nice lupine,

A Bearded Orchid,

Some Fairy Roses,

 and some Morden Glo Roses too,

throw in some fragrant Peonies,

Add some happy fish,

a Bleeding heart,

French Lilacs,

 green Hostas and Lily of the Valley flowers...

 With fancy cone flowers,

Strawberries to be,

An occasional Tiger lily,

some puffy Balloon flowers,

And cant forget the Columbines, 
Forget me nots, blue geraniums and  them Illinois Violets..

Add one sleepy cat,

and a butterfly,

And maybe, just maybe this snow we are getting RIGHT NOW will be just a memory!
yesterday it was 62 f - TODAY ITS SNOWING.

We left these flowers and fish and butterfly behind when we moved from Wisconsin to Montana...

But who packed the snow ???



When you cant sleep, how about some

this weekend!

I know I got  A LOT of catching up to do on your blogs!!!

And thank you for all the kind sweet wishes - I didnt know there was so many of us 
whose Mommas arent here with us; no matter what the age, it still hurts - 
Your stories touched me, and thank you for being my friend enough to share (((hugs!)))



  1. Oh I am so sorry you are still getting snow. We had terrible rain and very high winds. My Hero was up on the barn roof fixing the holes in the wind a little crazy he is.
    I love your flowers we are still waiting here also. I hope you get to see the beauty of spring soon. I love your cat. B

  2. Wow that was quite a garden collection, beautiful! If you find out who packed that snow we need to send them back to the north pole with it.
    At least we got our shearing done before the snow, I had no desire to start lambing in the wool next week.

  3. well, dearie, i think you let your guard down. while you were praying for pain relief, you weren't praying for spring and old mr. snow came sneaking back in...

  4. Snow?! Time for me to stop complaining about 40 degrees and rainy!

  5. Oh... I thought all of those gorgeous flowers were blooming right now in your yard. I was getting extremely jealous! We finally do have some color... the dandelions have begun to blossom. :-(
    Well, we will get pretty soon enough. Right?

  6. we still have very little color in the mountains...slowly greening and blooming though.

    enjoyed the pics of spring!!!!

    have a lovely weekend~

  7. Beautiful pictures, wonderful sun. So sorry to hear about your snow. I hope it's gone by now.

  8. It's snowing up here too. I need to head down to the calving shed to check the two remaining stubborn heifers who haven't calved yet while my husband snores away! Yep, it is spring time here.
    Those crocus that are blooming were just a distraction on Mother Nature's part, I think!! I ams so glad you posted those reminders of something colorful and reminders of warmer days!!

  9. Beautiful!

    And now inspired to get all my bulbs planted this weekend!

  10. I really like that toad lily!

  11. Beautiful pictures! The best one is of the cat, of course.

    I hope the snow goes somewhere else and leaves you to enjoy spring.

  12. We're done with the snow. Now we're stuck with neverending rain.

  13. the snow sucks! but the beauty of spring is right around the corner! honest!

  14. Such beauty, I am always amazed by Mother Nature and her wonderful palate of colors, textures and shapes but oh am I sick of her weather patterns this year. May 1 and I got up to ice on my windshield so thick I was later arriving at the horse show. YUCK!

    A pretty rough week here as well, and it doesn't look like this coming one is going to be much better. Sometimes life just sucks but at least we're all in it together. That's so much more comforting than being there alone.

  15. Is it snowing in Wisconson? If not, then QUICK move back! I would be depressed if I had snow right now. You poor thing. We are having a lot of rain, but snow....cruel. We have a lot of flowers and I want to take some of them with me when we move. I love the lupines.

    Cindy Bee

  16. It's snowing here in Wisconsin today too!!! ARGGGGHHHH... we are so ready for some nice warm spring weather!! I LOVED your sweet memories of whats to come again if this weather ever makes up it's mind. Gosh.. doesn't Old Man Winter know it's May??? and it's time for him to go away!!!

  17. Wow I was pretty jealous looking through those flowers thinking it was so nice a nd pretty down there, until you said the snow word! Thats crazy, we are cold here, but luckily no snow!

  18. I love your photos. I recognise all of the flowers, even the very first. I think lilly wart is the laymans term, correct me if I am wrong. I was actually looking at my families's blog and noticed the flower. I know it is actually small along with others in the same stem. You have wonderful taste. and interesting things to say.

  19. The picture are breath taking, thanks for sharing:)

  20. I love the photo of the cat on the step ... that is gorgeous to me!


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