To be reminded.

After sitting in the Dentist's chair for 2 hours, the root canal went off without a hitch, and we drove back home - a 160 mile round trip to Sheridan, Wyoming, the closest dentist's office...Thank you for your  wishes, thoughts and prayers as I do believe I am FINALLY on the mend...can you hear a groggy "yay" over here? But then ~

Late last night,

a little past midnight, 

I received a phone call - it was my youngest, and she was so excited that it was only after she heard my first croak of "but are you okay??!!" that she realized how late it was...she apologized profusely, then remembered that I had a root canal too...she wanted to hang up right away but I told her "no wait, talk with me awhile..."

During a "Post Communism" class (she's a political science major :) she learned of the ever changing boundary lines and political history of Eastern Europe, and began researching her maternal great grandparents- my Mother's parents.  Since her Fiancee's Mom loves genealogy, they have been researching old family documents & information online these past few months.  She was so excited to have found her  great grandfather's registration card from when he was 24 and when he was older, that she just couldnt wait to share... we talked about how Grandma , my mom, would have loved the history that she was finding, and would have loved her Fiancee, and then I remembered..."its after midnight, today is her birthday"...

There was silence on the other end, then a small sniffle...we cried together a bit, missing her together... and then we shared memories - how she loved spring, babies, baseball games... and it was all good. As talks between mothers and daughters do, I then listened contentedly as my daughter shared wedding plans, school, job, summer plans, letting the physical distance between us melt into timeless starlit space...  

A late night talk, between mother and daughter, and it was all good.

photo by W. Crawford

A Mother and her Daughters; the daughter on the end is massively pregnant 
with the one she talked to late last night...


And 6 years ago, during another late night talk between a mother and daughter;
 my middle sister asked my mom, who was dying of terminal ovarian cancer, 
if she could do us a favor...

"Can you mom, can you let us know?  
That when we feel the first warm breeze on an early Spring day, 
or see a butterfly flitting about the flowers, or a gift of  a rare lone feather,
that we are reminded that we are loved?"

Thank you mom. I love you too.



  1. Glad your dental ordeal is over!
    Love the message from your mom..the whole post made me smile.

  2. A really sweet post! Get better!

  3. The bluebird is so beautiful, and a lovely reminder of your mom.
    Glad you are done with the root canal.

  4. Oh Feral I love this post. I am glad you are done with that darn tooth.
    I love my Mom she has terminal cancer and is almost 84, I was with my Dad when he died almost four years ago with cancer it was terrible and every time I see a red tailed hawk I am reminded of him.
    Thinking of you and your daughter at this special time. B

  5. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I miss my mom who died suddenly after a fall 8 years ago. I never got to say 'good-bye', but I often feel her presence. Your sweet post is yet another reminder. Thanks!

  7. What a special time with your daughter:) I love the signs from your mother....

  8. A wonderful post and thank you for sharing this.

  9. 1st, glad the dental horror is over. 2nd, your daughter sounds as spirited and 'zestful' as you are. :) 3rd, that was such a sweet photo of you, your sisters and your mom. i miss my mother too...

  10. This is such a sweet and intimate post. Thank you for sharing.

  11. so sweet. sometimes when i see a cardinal or smell 4 o'clocks in bloom i look to heaven and smile at grandma ;)

  12. Am in tears remembering my mom who I lost to uterine cancer 5 years ago this month. Sometimes....I can feel her with me.

  13. Very moving post. Those late night talks are the ones we remember the most. I remember at 18 (I'm now 52) coming home and waking up my Mom to tell her my boyfriend and I broke up. She got out of bed to console me and she had to work the next day. I've never forgotten it.

    Cindy Bee

  14. What lovely memories and also memories in the making. I am going to call my Mum.

  15. Mothers and daughters. Very touching.

  16. Mother daughter memories, they hold such special places in our hearts.
    I hope your visits to the dentist are done for a while now :)

  17. you're a good mom.
    I'm jealous. Never had that kind of conversation with my own mom, and don't know how to relate to my own very well at times.

    I'm a downer.

  18. tears, I still am lucky enough to have my mom (no small feat as she has been ill on an off a long time and is the longest surviving liver transplant patient in Canada!) but every time I see the geese in the spring or a white tail fawn , I want to call my Grandma, gone for years , but she always comes to mind at those times and so many others

  19. So glad to hear that you are on the mend.

    When I read this post I am reminded of not only my relationship with my oldest daughter, but that of my mother as well, and I long for something that could never be. I am so glad there are those around me who have and had wonderful mother daughter relationships. In some strange way it gives me solice. Thank you for sharing these kind of memories and for being my friend.


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