Round three - This time we WILL OVERCOME

A good life motto that hangs above my kitchen counter, and a good prayer to boot!

The pirate germs were hiding all along in another tooth - apparently this secret cove was so deep that it affected the root and now in two weeks we are going in for a root canal - and last night I started more antibiotics and narcotics after another visit to the dentist...  lets tally this, shall we?

round 1= one left ear infection + one left side sinus infection = antibiotic

round 2 = one abscessed upper left molar  = antibiotic + tooth  removed

round 3 = one abscessed upper left molar  = antibiotic +  pulpotomy + root canal planned

Isabel is willing to hang out with me again while I get better...

Gee, I was wondering why that side of my face hurt for a while - I just thought I was stressed and clenching my jaw more then usual...  As the kind and patient dentist said,  "you must have a high tolerance for pain"... my reply while under nitrous oxide?  "no, Im in denial most of the time".  And thats three routes of antibiotic in three months. You'd think I wouldnt have a germ left in a 5 foot radius around me, including Mr. Foresterman...He's a good guy...

But hey, at least we think this is the last battle of the Pirate germs!!  


Yogurt shakes and shrimp all around to celebrate!

Me & Isabel's motto~ if you have to eat soft food you may as well go out big  like the fat cats!!!



  1. Sure do feel for you! Went through a round of something similar two years ago - not much fun. None too cheap, either... Didn't want a new car anyway.

  2. ha ha! i like your way of thinking.

    SO sorry this is not over yet!!! Jeepers! what dental/ent god did you tick off recently?!

    btw - i love that sign. love it!!! i WANT it!!!

  3. I think your Isabel is darling!Get better soon, lady.

  4. Hi Feral Gal, just stopping by to say Hi. Wow! sorry about you teeth, I just had to have dental work, no fun. I just read your Timber Cruising and Sunset Walk, fantastic pictures. Hope your better soon.

  5. I do hope this will end all of it for you. Dental work is the pits....

  6. That really sucks! "Denial," huh. I'm going to have to remember that line next time someone mentions my level of pain tolerance. LOL

    At least the kitty is still hanging in with you . Those shrimp look delish!

  7. I hope your good run of bad luck is over and this is your last visit to the dentist for a while!

  8. Oh, ouch. Not fun.
    I totally understand that denial. Pain?'s just A, B or C. I can find an excuse for doing or not doing something in a heartbeat!
    Good luck.
    Shrimp looks delicious!

  9. OUCH!!! I feel for you, I have had my share of dental issues over the years ,and sinus infections right along with them. I hope you get this sucker beat! Enjoy your yummy soft food! excellent idea

  10. Oh you poor woman! Hi...just was doing some 'blog hopping' and came across this post and had to say Hi. Since this is Thursday now...I hope you're feeling better. Looks like you're eating good anyway ;) Beautiful photo's by the way! Take care.
    Maura :)

  11. All the best to you and I hope you are feeling better by now.--Inger

  12. Just wanted to thank you for your comment on my moon photos. Coming from a great photographer like you, it meant a lot to me.--Inger

  13. Feral oh you poor thing. Hope this time it kicks it out for good. You are one tough lady. Food looks delicious. B

  14. Ouch! I hope this is the end of your battle. How painful.

    I have a cat that looks very much like Isabel. His name is Claude.

  15. Sounds like you have might mouse type germs. Oh, and OW. But aww.. kitties.


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