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Must. embrace. our inner Winterness...

I have been driving Mr. Foresterman crazy since he got home. For some reason i cannot stop humming "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess.  Its only because we havent seen sunshine in awhile; everything is in shades of gray, brown and green.


Im thinking of dragging out some of my brightest tshirts and strewing them about outside,
so that we see flashes of color occasionally.

And at this point and time I  am backsliding and I am now thinking we should recelebrate
Christmas instead of St. Patricks Day. 

Otherwise its visit the horses outside; stare at each other, the surrounding view, back at each other...

They say this isnt normal; highs should be in the 40's everyday, and we have 20's...

I think NW Wisconsin is stalking us and I might file a report...

Speaking of reports...

 then theres this ~

Now that Im healthy i have to work through our office files I have neglected - theyre literally piling up... 

I think I have to lay down now...with a colorful tshirt over my eyes...



  1. I often wonder, how many people go nuts - just waiting for spring..... I'll be this year those sunny isles of Jamaica etc are doing a land office business, this winter. Phil must have seen his shadow a couple of times. Ugh, the waiting for Springtime blues! I hear Ya!

  2. Your views sure are lovely! It's still sort of yucky here, but at least it's early spring yucky instead of winter yucky!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Hope it warms up a bit for you.

  4. You are funny. Yes spring needs to come I am sick of the winter now I am ready for sunshine and warmth. Awesome photos. B

  5. You're a nut. :) At least string some clothes lines to string your t-shirts on!

    Your photos are gorgeus, even if they feel bland to you. Good luck with that yucky paperwork!

  6. hee hee, love the pics!!!!

    sometimes i wish i had the life of our dogs...eat, sleep, bark, sleep, eat, sleep...

  7. we still have the same old colors up here. only good thing about that is that it is cool to see how the mule deer so easily blend in to it all. great photos again!

  8. Oh, yes - you are right. It's the color that's missing! Love the T-shirt idea - I might have to adopt that one - or hit the Dollar Store and buy some fake flowers to 'plant' in the snow.
    Love the pony and puppy pictures.

  9. I am so ready for spring. It has been a very long winter, Gorgeous photos as usual but my favorite has to be the sleeping beauty.(dog)

  10. The photos are beautiful! Although I'm sure that a little color would be welcome by now! Sometimes at this time of year it's hard to believe that spring will ever arrive...


  11. I love your photos, even if they are winter still! The pony is precious. Hope you are all better now!

  12. Such absolutely beautiful photos!!!

  13. Wonderful photos :)
    The forecast for the week looks promising, I hope it warms up enough for some serious melting!

  14. Embrace my inner winter, bah humbug! I'm so sick of winter even bright T-shirts laying on the ground outside wouldn't help but then if I did see such a sight it would make me think of you and that would bring a smile to my face.

  15. Just gorgeous scenes here, but looking so cold!!

  16. I don't wanna embrace winter...I'm ready for spring...been ready for it since January! I got sick this year and stayed that way for the entire month of February. I'm still not back to normal, so I'm REALLY ready for some warm weather and some sunshine. And your paper pile just reminded me I'd best get busy on our taxes. {sigh}

    Cindy Bee

  17. Love the photos and I love that song, now I am gonna be humming it myself! :)

  18. Spring can't come soon enough for me. Right now, it is pouring here with very high winds. Your pictures are stunning!!!!!

  19. I hear you, my friend! Enough is enough, right? Next time the sun decides to shine over here, I think I'll be at risk of going blind! I'm turning into a mole.

    Wonderful pictures though! All of them.

  20. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for your sweet comment. I don't know but I like the wildness about where you live. I like the snow on the ground. We are having spring, but it brings to me just a bit of fear, because that means I might have 9 months of summer. :) I know the years when our spring has been this early, we have days and days of over 100 degree temps. So really I think it does all balance out. :)
    When you are having a beautiful spring, I will be cooking.

    It is so nice meeting you and I love the name of your blog.

  21. Just been browsing around your blog. I came from Farm Friend Friday. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures, and your humor is just what I needed: perfect! :) I love your choice of favorite movies, too. Can't beat the oldies. Have you ever seen Random Harvest? Oh, I LOVE that one!! Anyhow, count me in...I'm following you! :)

  22. SUPERB images, and a very nice and interesting blog!

    Gunn / Stavanger / Norway


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