I got a problem...

Theres this gate to the Forest Service Land on the SouthEast corner of our land...

I open these type of gates all the time while timber cruising,
but most of them are used continuously during the summer so they are stretched.
We have a few of these scattered around here,
separating us from the Forest Service side.

But this one is old and its got lots of barbed wire....

And its what they call  "tight as a tick".

This is the hinge side...

This is opening side...

The idea is to slip the barbwire loop over the shorter post to open it.

This is the bottom of it - because i cant get it open...

How on Gods green earth can I loosen this to open it without resorting to cutting & mending wire?

 Ebony is alarmed because he's pretty sure he can't climb under it with me...

Is there a special Cowgirl trick to opening the "tight as a Tick" ones 
without using a Cowboy or a Forester?


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  1. Yep- pack about five feet of yellow rope with you, tie one end around the post, run the rope around the gate picket, and pull; it gives you more leverage and you should be able to hold the rope tight with one hand and slip the loop up with the other hand. If you use the gate a lot, just leave the rope tied on there.

  2. Oh Dear. Those darned barbed wire fences! We have a few of those gates here on the dairy and I just recently hacked up my finger pretty good trying to close the thing!

  3. Feral we have those gates too. Stupid idea from a person who must be much stronger then I. I find if I slide the post down as far as I can to the bottom wire it makes it easier to shimmy the top wire over the top. Good luck Sometimes it works sometimes not.Sometimes it takes me a long time and I just get mad and forget it. lol B

  4. The least Ebony could do is push on the post for you to give you some slack... :)

  5. I squat low and come up pushing into the gate picket with my right shoulder, reach around with my arm, hug the fence post, and squeeze with all my might, then lift the wire with my left. After that I tell my hubby to go fix the *&-@** gate :)

  6. oh geez...i'm no help but i'll be waiting for the answer so i'll know what to do when i happen upon one out here! :)

  7. My grandfather had gates like this throughout his ranch. He had an 8" - 10" chain or a piece of wire dangling from the fence post at the opening with a 10" handle attached to the end. You would loop the chain or wire around the gate's post, apply pressure with the handle to pull the gate closer to the post which would allow you to ease the top loop off the post.
    Shirley's idea of using the yellow rope works on the same principle.
    You just need a way to apply more force to pull the gate toward the post.

  8. I am not a cowgirl, but I would think the yellow rope or the chain with a handle would do the trick! Good luck with that!

  9. Wish I could help... I've never seen anything like it! :(

  10. I've had problems with gates like this too. Leverage is always the answer. The rope or chain sound like a good idea to me. Just pushing against it to add more leverage is not always successful so seems to me like the rope or chain would help with that.

    I hate when something simple like that turns out to not be so simple.

  11. Dreaming's way of telling you to do it is how I have saw it done when I was a kid. Otherwise it is a nasty business getting it open when you are not as big as an ox. Good luck and be careful!

  12. I don't know anything about those. I am not a bit of help!

  13. Butter?

    Butter cures lots of things.

  14. A good set of gloves and a good nudge...it ialways works for me...Keep Smiling

  15. sounds like lots of good ideas, except butter??? too funny! I like the rope trick or if you have a quiet horse you can use your reins. I still am with Vintage West and Lori Skoog, change the gate, lol.

  16. Probably somebody already answered this for you, but you need a cheater stick. It's a long stick that you use for leverage to pull the post over so you can get the loop off, and you can use it in reverse to get the loop back on, but it's much harder that way! We had one when I was a kid that was so tight. When you'd finally get the loop off the whole stinking thing would go zingin' back in a coiled up nasty mess. Then when you'd try to close it back it was literally like 2 feet from the loop!!!

    Be careful, and wear gloves and a heavy shirt or coat!!

  17. Nice Pics & Blog ...


  18. Just found your blog and love it! The rope trick works best, but I really hate those gates. We don't have many and I try to leave them for the idiot who put them up!


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