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No Horses allowed in the house. period.

This was taken today, Tuesday.

This was taken on the Friday before.

Guess which day someone decided to bust loose to make nose smoosh prints on the windows because the hot wire FENCE was no longer hot? Even though they have a 15 ACRE PASTURE, SHED, WATER and a ROUND BALE to boot?  It did get down to -22 f overnight,  but we just cant allow Horses in the house, period. Our name is not "Noah" and we have no room in the ark errr I mean house...plus I wouldnt know how to get green stains out of the rug nor am I willing to share my sugar cookies...

ebony the helpful horse
"uhm yea if you go about a foot deeper with the ground pole that should do it dad, 
cuz' last time I barely felt a twange...I'll try again tomorrow, okay?"

Because I have a high self-preservation mode, I did not take any more photos then I had to today~
 but these frosted coated pictures I took right before Christmas seem to convey todays temps. 

SO, in honor of frosty attitudes everywhere...

PS whats and wheres these chinook wind thingys everyone talks about ?



  1. Had to laugh at your horsey smooshy print. What a ham! I'm sure you'd have had 2 prints if your little one wasn't so short and probably couldn't reach the window pane!

    Your sugar-coated pine trees are just GORGEOUS! Right now we're at 19 degrees here in NE Texas too and heading to low teens overnight. BRRRR. At least we didn't get hit with much snow or ice. So no frosted flake trees here to share. :)

  2. How funny the horses knew where to go to find you! I think they read your last posts about how much you love them! Please,,mom,,,it's cold outside..lol..about the ark..

  3. Oh, man, that's cold! Those poor horses! BRRR! No heat in the barn?

    Excellent pictures of the trees! Oh, hey, we have some really stiff winds going on, here. Our temp is due to drop overnight, so with all the standing water, everyone will skate to work.

  4. Beautiful but cold cold cold! It's cold and nasty here too, but thankfully Champ, the goats, and the pigs are all snug in their barns and haven't asked to come in the house! Around here we have an 8 foot copper ground rod and it's in the ground all but about 2 foot. That makes for a niiiiice hot shock if they touch the wire! ;0)

  5. Gorgeous winter scene photos. I love the nose drool on the window.

  6. You can't help but love the horse painting on the window! LOL He is just wanting to say HI! The photographs of the trees is absolutely beautiful but I am ready to see green grass again. We had a blizzard here.....not our usual snow storm.

  7. Your pictures are amazing! The best winter photos I have seen. I know you love your horses!

  8. "Phil did not see his shadow!!" Just watched the Groundhog Day ceremony. May be all the snow and frost will go away faster now, you think?

    The "nose prints" on the glass window are great! And your pictures breathtaking!

  9. Dear Feral Fantastic pics. You are very talented. It is cold here today,and a blizzard, I wrote about this on my post, still trying to figure that out myself.
    You are funny I look forward to your posts, keep them coming. B

  10. That is so beautiful! what great pictures. The ground hog says Spring is coming soon, not soon enough for some. I'll take California cold any day....stay warm

  11. Same here, but just a bit warmer we had -18F at 5:30 am this morning and with added windchill it's -45F Brrrr..... they say the wind is moving it out of here, I sure HOPE so!

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them :o)


  12. Brrrr, brrrrrrr, brrrrrrr! Don't blame you for not takin' a hike to take some photos...wait for a warmer day!

  13. Sorry ....as nice as those pics are I can hardly stand to look at any more winter.....well maybe just a little cause.... I can't believe I'm saying this but they really are pretty.....shh don't tell anyone.

  14. Pretty pics, but the cold can go away any day now. Here's to an early spring!

  15. P.S. Ice cream tastes just as good on cold days, you just have to snuggle up to the wood stove as you eat it!

  16. You made me smile with the comments about your "hot" wire fence! Just think how well those posts will conduct electricity when all of the snow melts and the ground is moist!
    Your frost photos are beautiful! We were actually down that way last weekend coming home from Rapid City. We took a different route home than normal. Sure was pretty we thought and lots of open with not many people. Told my husband that maybe we need to look for a place down there as our country in ND is getting too filled up! The land is very similar to here at home in places.
    I don't get pony prints on my house windows, but our trucks all have them on the windows! They just can't resist the temptation. (Pony prints on the outside, dog prints on the inside truck windows!) We also have nice streaks on the hoods where they decide to taste the paint. Just something we live with, I guess!
    I have been up in Williston, ND since Monday evening to fill in for my grandsons' daycare lady. It has been colder here than at home. We had -38 here one day and down at home it was -27.
    They have more snow here too, officially 75 inches for the winter and we have 50 inches. But when you are talking that much snow and cold the numbers all seem pretty much the same!
    Looking forward to your next post!

  17. These are great pictures, it looks great where you are...brrrrrr:)

  18. I had to come over and visit after reading the funny comment you put on Sharon's last post... YOU MADE ME LAUGH!! These pictures are beautiful! Love your blog...

  19. I don't know but isn't refusing to share one's sugar cookies with your horse some kind of crime? It must be to the horse.

    Your comment about green stains made me giggle because we have this weird commercial here talking about alpaca stains showing all kinds of critters in the house. What some people will do to make a sale. Still it was my first thought that this guy could probably tell you how to fix those green stains. Guess that's pretty good marketing after all. Let me know if you change your mind and need to fix those stiands, ya hear~ LOL

  20. Love the snow pictures. Horses do manage to get into trouble at the most inconvenient moment, don't they?


  21. Brrrr. Your photos made me shiver just looking at them. Gorgeous though.

    As for Chinooks -- they only seem to arrive in time to melt a thick coating of ice in order to create floods. :-P

  22. Hey Feral Friend-you crack me up. I think it’s so funny they came knocking at the door for a warm bed and sugar cookies. Bless their big souls. That is quite cold for sure-Bless your big souls too :) In case you give in, I hear Odoban is a great product for cleaning up green stuff on the carpet :) LOL
    Hugs, Amy
    Hey-join us next Friday for Farm Friend Friday-we’d love to have you :)

  23. Your "frosty attitudes" are stunning.

  24. Great pictures but I don't want your weather. I see buttercups peeking through our snow here.
    Always love nosy horses.

  25. Your frosty photos are breathtaking. It's awesome to be able to see the beauty in something so harsh. My husband's Buddy horse stands and looks at the house lots of times just waiting for him to come out "to play" but we've never had him knock at the window. Too fun.

  26. awww.. I think you should let the horsey in. I mean, you got plenty of room :p

  27. Your world is so starkly different than mine! Wow! Those temps...!!! If you want to see a warmer climate, come visit my blog(s)!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~


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