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We got ourselves a SON!

and it didnt involve any pain or work for us at all, 
because Annabel our youngest is the one who "reeled" Chris in !!!

These two got engaged last night!!!! 

And these two went for a quiet walk in a Missoula city park that was lit with candlelight just right after the bells rang in the New Year... and under a deep winter blue starry Montana night this Billings boy got down on one knee, pulled out a huge over a carat's worth oval-cut Sapphire ring set in white gold, and asked our Daughter to be his wife...and she said YES!!!!  And Montana's state gem is the Sapphire, so this "true blue" Montana Man did his soon to be Bride and his Home-State proud! Isnt that just one of the most romantic Montanan proposals ever??

but this means...gulp! Im gonna be a REAL MONTANAN MOTHER IN LAW!!!!!
is there a handbook?

(hmm, but does this also mean NOW I  can trust him with that fly fishing spot that we talked about ?



  1. Guess you can tell him where that fly fishing spot is now.

    No, there is no MIL book of instructions, same as a new baby - you are on your own! LOL! I might suggest (if you haven't yet) teach your daughter how to cook!LOL!

    Congratulations MIL! ;-)

  2. Oh I am so happy for you. Congrats to the beautiful young couple. I have no doubt that you will be a great MIL. Seems like your daughter looks a lot like momma, by the way :)

  3. Lovely couple, and what a romantic proposal- he's a keeper!

  4. That is a very romantic proposal! I bet he will be a very good husband and a great son-in-law. Congratulations! Don't worry about the MIL manual...just what are you going to wear to the wedding?

  5. Love the sapphire choice! I hope they will be very very happy for many years to come! Congrats to all of you!

    Oh good god. Looks like you might be a grandma someday too - my word verification was "sperm" !!!

  6. Awwww - how sweet. Congratulations to all.

  7. Congratulations to your Daughter and soon to be Son-in-law. They certainly look happy together.

    I found your blog through Verde Farm.... My cousin, his wife and children moved to Missoula a little over a year ago, this is their 2nd winter. It has been quite an adjustment coming from Mississippi... but they love it. We hope to get out to visit them this summer. We have heard many wonderful things:-)


  8. Yes, that makes you and offical Montana , soon to be MIL*wink*

    They make a cute couple and that was a romantic proposal, what a neat guy!

    Congrats to all of you! I'm waiting for the wedding and all the pictures( BTW, have they set a date?) and then we'll see how long before you're a Montana Granny, LOL!!!!

  9. Congratulations! Cute couple and best wishes for the future!

  10. Aww, congrats to your daughter, her new man and you and your family!

  11. Congrats to them! Thats such a romantic proposal and the ring sounds very pretty.

  12. Yeah I guess you have to show him the fish'n hole now. Very romantic proposal good for him, congrats to your daughter and the rest of the family. I have been getting caught up on your other posts. Great job on the insert it looks good and warm. I loved your New Years Treasure post....thanks for the reminder I guess I was in need of one. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  13. Congratulations! He's got to be a good guy, he's a Montana boy! Having raised two myself, I should know!

  14. Congratulations. Very romantic. I am sure they will be very happy. They look like they are in love.

  15. Romance is good but a Man with a Plan is even better, obviously he's a thinker. Sounds like she'll be well taken care of. And that fly is a beauty. I've seen a few and that one looks so much more like a fish's dinner than any I've seen.

  16. Yay!! They are so cute!

    When they need a photographer, let me know. I'll come all the way up there!!


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