Truck rides and something important...!

We live out in the middle of nowhere by choice, right in the Custer National Forest...
but darn it  it is a pretty no-where and we like it!

Everyone calls it the "High Country" in these parts. I would know because did you know you have to adjust your ingredients when you bake in your little innocent breadmaker that didnt have a clue that it would be sent to a prison camp for kitchen appliances? Yes, ma'am, when you live over 3900' in altitude things can get scary in the kitchen, and thats even before I forget to use those little whatchamacallit thingys to measure.  But little shetland  ponies do benefit and whats a little domestication without some pain and anguish involved, right? Anyhow, its time to go and get something very important in town, which is 40 miles away...And yes, there is nothing in between except for a few ranches, antelope and big pretty buttes.  
So climb in and lets go for a truck ride!!!

 We do live on a County Road, but with 1800 people in the county, we have to wait patiently while they plow out the one city.  Sometimes they are so busy that we dont see them for a week!  But thats okay, we have kitchen appliances! Anyhow looks like it snowed pretty good this weekend...

Ah, theres the trees! Looks like we dont have as much snow here! Lucky plowman!
Did it blow away maybe?

Hey, whats that in the trees?

 Ah, the Sharptails are getting out of the snow! You can tell they are are sharptails  
by the little "v"s on their plumage...and of course their little sharptails!

Even their backsides are lovely!
He looks tired though - take a nap bud, we'll see you later! 

If youd  like to watch the very special "dance" they do when the time is right, 
check out this video made by a very excellent cinematographer ~

Time to move on...Uh-oh...the trees kept the snow on the road here.  

Mr. plowman, bring me a plow? 

Make it the biggest, plow we ever seen...

Hey, whose that on the road?


Uh, do you think he sees us?  
Where do we go???! WHERE DO WE GO????!!


oh look, the road is clean! 
No, Mr. Foresterman , what do you mean? 
 I wasnt screaming......too loudly....

Look! Pretty Big Buttes! We must be getting close to the Powder River!

Yep, now were on Powder River Road and its all downhill from here! 
Uh, in a good way of course!

Sigh* isnt it lovely?

Big pretty Buttes,

You can see for miles,

     Look ! Our first ranch up ahead!

Now we're in the bottom land - can you see the muley doe hiding?

Can you see this muley doe too? Shes got a little snow on!

Almost there!  Ten more miles!

All gorges lead to the Powder River...

and beyond those trees, this road leads to town!

So what was so important to go to town for?


And the word "permanent" is in caps... the only way to be!

We not only got license plates for the horse trailer, but also for the vehicles...and even though the vision test was iffy because I wear "mono-vision" contacts, she let me squint for a while until I realized I put them in the wrong eyes that morning - Montana's DMV peoples are sooo nice with us blonde people!  And they were even nice enough to take my picture and took at LEAST 10 years off of me...As Mr. Foresterman said, "wow, thats a great photo, 'cuz that last one you had in Wisconsin , you looked like that lindsay girl in her mugshot..."

Is that a compliment or what???  Prettier then a movie star! What a great day!!




  1. Very beautiful place you live!! wish we got snow where i am, the worst we get is rain and mud and this dosnt make for such pretty scenery!!

  2. Ferrel Woman. I am so glad I found your blog. You crack me up. You live in a beautiful spot.Great pics.B

  3. A lot of wide open spaces...I like that. So i guess the high altitude affected your bread machine? almost typed brain machine..more coffee please...

  4. This was great. Loved being able to take your drive with you - even with Mr. Scary Plowman! Eek! Those sharptails are amazing! Thanks for including the link to that wonderful video! Don't see them here - really don't see much grouse of any kind.

    The photo of that steep hill made my stomach flip. I'd hate to tackle that in snow or ice.

    Glad you are PERMANENT now! I can practically see you doing the Steve Martin excited dance now! :)

  5. SUCH a gorgeous place you live in! Being the Illinois girl I am I never thought of high altitude where you live. Mayhaps because the closest thing I've ever seen of high altitude is the Appalachian Mts in S.C.?

    I'm so happy for you that you are PERMANENT now. So very wonderful and I can't wait to see pics of that scenery as the seasons change.

    God bless ya girl!

  6. It looks like a wonderful place you live kind of place...except for maybe that road in the winter. As I get older I'm not as brave as I used to be.I can't wait to see your scenery without snow.I would say from that plate that it was a trip worth taking.Love your cats basking in front of the fire. You guys sure did a nice job on that fireplace.Stay warm and stay away from that Plowguy.

  7. Great tour! That is beautiful country; a lot like Alberta. The plow photos were terrific! I used to drive snowplow for a living, I'd love to be behind the wheel of that big chunk of steel.

  8. That was a fun drive, way more excitinf than my drive to town ussually is! Especially the plowman, lol.

  9. What a bunch of great photos!!! As I have told you before, you and I are so LUCKY to live where we do!!

  10. It is truly a beautiful place, afraid I couldn't live there though - not again, anyway. Between the snow and those hills, I would never go anywhere except the back yard. :-)

  11. If we weren't glued to this farm with crazy glue (and I mean crazy!), I'd pack my bags and your county could "x" out the population number on the sign and add a few more! It looks wonderful.My horsey daughter often says she wants to move to Wyoming or Montana. Now I'll say "Only if you take Mom with you!"

  12. So now that the roads are plowed when are you coming to see us? you have no excuse now!

  13. Your funny. Thats a beautiful long drive :)

  14. I am so envious. I would love to move way out into the most beautiful land and live on a ranch or farm like this. I just love your drive and I bet you were super excited to be “permanent.” The views are amazing. Always love your posts and I would say it was a compliment--drug induced haze of Lindsay Lo and all :) LOL
    Hugs, Amy

  15. You should visit Missouri. I think we have more snow than that right now.

    Which is weird.

    BTW, thank you for the parents of grown children advice. I am taking it!! (I have a 16 yo that has no idea that I know he has a gf. Shh)

  16. It took my breath away! If Hubby and I were not so old and decrepit, I would want to live like that... far away from anything, close, close to nature!

    I watched the video. The Sharptails are incredibly beautiful. And their dance is so neat. (But, as boys, they have to stop to pick a fight with each other - a smarter one probably came and took the girl.)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is a pleasure to meet you!

  17. I love big sky country, and now I can visit thru your blog. Great photos. Your a hoot. I'll be back.

  18. Hi chickie! I gave you a "Stylish Blogger" award this afternoon! Stop by and pick it up!!! :)

  19. What a beautiful ride! Thanks for sharing!! and congrats on being PERMANENT!!!


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