Serious white pastures...

-Winter in the high country - 
And big sky...

Now that they became acclimated to the small paddock since November,
we  recently opened the gate to this big pasture; its approx 15 acres. 

They can come and go as they please for right now...
they still have access to the small paddock with the heated water trough, 3 sided shed, 
and hay . No winter starvation here!

Ebony really checked out only a tiny portion of the pasture; he still hasnt even been to the far side yet

This is the biggest pasture he has ever been in...
I wonder if he thinks we're trying to get rid of him?

"this is stinkin' huge, mom!"

   Even Sally the Shetland enjoyed the new pasture and she actually cantered some small circles;
considering how deep the snow is and her short little legs, thats quite a workout!

Theres lots of grainheads to be found; it hasnt been grazed in decades, 
so there is some weedy maintenance to be done. Ive done my best to id the poisonous ones, 
and talked to the Ag Agent about controlling weeds and getting the hay field down below tested...  
This spring will be busy!

It does have a pretty decent hillside that overlooks the hay fields down below...
they can play "Lion King" on their off time...

After Baby made snow horseangels, 

He came to tell me how much he likes this new pasture!

I think he likes it :)

and so does Dexterdog!



  1. Beautiful photos! Your horses do look happy there in their big new pasture! We have lots of snow over here too. Some days it takes a lot of positive thinking to think of it as pretty! My horses are wintering well. They don't venture very far from the buildings and corrals. The snow is so deep and the going is sure tough. They have decided to just hang around close since we keep hay out for them and they also get some grain daily. On nice days they take off for a run thru the snow. It makes for a glorious sight to see the seven of them covering the snowy ground.

  2. Hey Feralwoman. Yeah they look happy. I love your photos. I always like letting our cows out into a new pasture,It is as exciting to us as it is to them. Nice horses.Love your dog.B

  3. What a beautiful pasture. The horses are so lucky to be able to run around in such a free way. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Really enjoyed my visit today!!

  4. Yes, the horses look very happy! How many acres do you have?

  5. Wonderful! Baby aka Ebony is just gorgeous (but you know that already.) And sweet little Sally! in that photo of them galloping together, she's adorable!!! And Dexter's smile says it all for everyone at your place. I think they ALL like it there! :)

  6. These are great photos- your Ebony is one handsome horse. Pasture turnout is always a photo op time around here too, although our pasture is much smaller than yours!

  7. Beautiful! Ebony is gorgeous and it looks like little Sally is doing well! I think it's great that they can come and go as they please. My horse is out all the time too, although in a much smaller pasture. The biggest pasture I've ever had him on was about 3 or 4 acres and he was fat as a tick on that good Illinois grass! I can't wait til spring when you are sharing your riding photos. I'll bet you could ride for days if you wanted!

  8. Awesome pictures! Ebony is just too gorgeous, and Sally is so sweet looking! Is it hard to spot Dexter when he's out in the field? Very pretty dog! You can see how excited that the horses were, to be let loose in that pasture!
    Great camerawork!

  9. Those are some seriously gorgeous pictures!
    It must be so beautiful right now.

    I stumbled onto your blog from another and I'm glad I did.
    Nothing like Montana in the winter!

  10. The only thing I can say is: Magnific pictures!! I cannot take my eyes away from them. Absolutely gorgeous, all of them!

  11. Hey nice shots....I love watching Ebony( Sally) explore their new surroundings. Not much makes me smile more than a beauty Morgan running and strutting their stuff...that was some pretty good camera work.

  12. Fabulous photos! We lost our horses in the fog yesterday. Looked like the 6-acre pasture was empty!

  13. Oh my gosh--this is absolutely gorgeous!!! He is beautiful and I can’t imagine having 15 acres of pasture all his own--he must be in heaven. I love the shetland too. You are so lucky-this is a beautiful, perfect place. What a happy place.

  14. That big a pasture probably feels like total freedom to them. The pony is so cute in all that snow. Great shot after the snow angels. Snows flying and hanging and....... LOL

    Love it.

  15. I'm speechless! This is just too gorgeous for words.--Inger

  16. Yup, nice place, happy animals. Happy you too, I'm thinking.

  17. The magesty of the scenery and the animals!! God's world and creatures! It takes my breath away. You did a wonderful job!

  18. I have something for you on my post of 1/31.

  19. It's heaven for those guys!!! Obviously, you think the same wonderful for you guys!

  20. I love your pictures. You live in a great place.


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