new helpless kitchen appliance! yay!

So like, when this arrived I danced and danced all around the kitchen, 
and all the kitchen appliances cowered in fright at the thought of this poor new helpless appliance's fate...

..until they realized that this was Mr. Foresterman's new kitchen appliance - then they all oooo'd and cheered in unison - We all did! 
Yes, you read it right, I bought another helpless Kitchen Appliance!! But Mr. Foresterman rescued it! yay!

But this is just not any rescued kitchen appliance, its a fancy Cuisinart ICE CREAM maker, oooo.  Since we live 40 miles away from any store or gas station, you can imagine the challenge of bringing home a gallon of ice cream in July ~ it would definitely be the equivalent of us being on an episode of "the amazing race"...

I reach over the backseat and clutch the cooler desperately with one hand, wailing "cant you drive any faaster, its meeelllting!!!  while Mr. Foresterman puts the pedal to the metal in our old truck, swerving and weaving in and out of the way of cows, bunnies and narrow cattle guards leaving behind billowing clouds of red dust as the hot summer sun beats down...and when we finally arrive home in that looong driveway, we look together and exactly one (1) slowly puddling spoonful is left in the bottom of the plastic tub; we exchange mournful glances over Dexterdog's sticky ice cream face..."Lets try again next week!" I exclaim...

So where did we pick up this particular helpless one?  Opportunity whacked at my front door of course! When sweet cool Shirley of  Ride a Good horse and  Diamond Lazy H horses had a special drawing of a gift certificate to spend at CSN, guess who got picked accidentally? Because after all, no kitchen appliance in its right mind would volunteer to be in our kitchen! Anyhow, sweet Shirley visits here quite often; and I like to visit her often too because when you go to her Blog, be ready to see one of the nicest QH studs ever ~ Beamer, who has excellent conformation and great movement - she even has a video she took while riding him bareback, and is he ever smoooth! Like ice Cream!  yay!  And she also has the cutest "Beamer" babies for sale too - check out her link here ..So many thanks sweet Shirley again for accidentally picking my name so we can have ice cream in July! You can come to my house in July for Ice Cream, okay? yay!  

So why did we pick this one?  We knew we wanted an ice cream maker, but after reading the reviews of certain kinds that required pre-freezing a bowl which might crack easily, we decided to fork out a little more and get the kind that didnt crack easily if I ever opened the freezer door or maybe even walked near it.  This one has a compressor in it to freeze the 1 1/2 quart container as it churns, and you can make as much as you want continually....but the important key here is as long as I dont use it.  Or read the manual. Or sneak a glance at it sideways in the dark behind the pantry door...So without further ado, I bring you ~

"The Cuisinart Supreme Ice Cream Mah-chine"
(please cue Marvin Gaye's "baby baby ooo"  music)

Isnt it like sleek sexy shiny ooo? 

 I really wanted to touch that shininess, but in order to make sure that we can have ice cream,  I held back! 
I am so proud of myself!  I can do it! 

Mr. Foresterman always uses the exact measurements and ingredients that the recipe book calls for...He says that way it will always turn out right.  Im in awe.  Even the kitchen appliance called a "Mixer"  in the background is bowing in awe - they love him'.

For some reason he also likes to use the Ice cream maker in the laundry room.  Im not quite sure if this type of kitchen appliance use is somewhat like horse training where you isolate your young horse in the round pen/arena so there are no distractions and they can concentrate working hard for you, but it seems to work well for him. I might try this with the breadmaker, but I think the garage might be more fitting for it....or the neighbor's. And yes, I do decorate with joint compound splatters on the walls...Not only does it make for a great trendy statement, but it declares "yes, I'm handy" ...for years to come.

This part is hard to watch because there is a part of me that wants to snatch this sweet heavy whipped cream mixture out of his hand and run out to the back 40 and drink it all.  Thats not the kind of  "spontaneous" fun that the marriage-relationship books talk about...I have found out.

This is the fun part for the Kitchen appliance as we can tell by the way it trembles in excitement 
when it first starts up.  

My breadmaker didnt tremble; it tried to run away.

Mr. Foresterman got a little nervous when I took this shot as I was pretty close to it...

But then I took a step back and everything was still okay...

Anyhow, it has this little bell on it that dings when its done... so I have been pretty much trained at this point to sit and stay while Mr. Foresterman takes out the canister to remove the paddle inside.  I am not allowed to lick the paddle however as its an important part and we just cant take that risk. He uses a reusable sanitized ice cream bucket to put the ice cream in...

and in a few hours after it hardens....

This is the final result!  ICE CREAM!!!



 ATTENTION: No kitchen appliances were harmed intentionally in the making of this post 



  1. Well Feral Woman You did it again I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. MMMM Ice cream good job.B

  2. I want one of those!! We also have a problem with getting ice cream home still frozen! Going to make a deal with myself...if I stay really strong with my running for two months I will get one!..that way I can eat ice cream guilt free...let us know how you like it after a couple of trys..

  3. Woo hoo! I'm glad it arrived, and that it works! Home made ice cream is sooooo much better than store bought, and you will have fun experimenting with flavours. I just might have to get me one of those myself!

  4. You are a RIOT!!! And if I was Mr. Foresterman, I wouldn't let you near any of my important appliances either (based on your recent breadmaker experience alone!)

    I thought we had it bad - trying to get ice cream from the store - 12 miles in 105 degrees in Texas! I think you have me beat...

  5. I don't really have any trouble getting ice cream home from the store in July, IF I remember my DH's lunch cooler and the blue freezy things.

    I do, however, prefer homemade ice cream! There is no brand out there that can compare IMHO!


  6. Hmm home made Ice cream.....and after all that detail you didn't even say if it was good? It sure looked good ...darn now I want some.

  7. Oh you just made me so hungry for homemade ice cream! My aunt has one of those and love that ice cream she makes in it!

  8. Oh gosh, you made me drool just reading this!!!

  9. When I started milking goats we bought a hand crank White Mountain ice cream maker and it makes the best ice cream in the world! That's pretty cool that you can just turn it on and let it go, and how wonderfulness that your man makes it for you! When my girls are in milk we make a 5 qt bucket of ice cream just about every two weeks. It's guuuuuuud!

  10. Feral, I am cracking up. I am so much like you. My appliances are terrified of me too. I am trying to win them over but we aren’t there yet. Thank goodness for Mr. Foresterman and My Farmer---we wouldn’t be eating very well without them. That ice cream looks yummy and the machine-it is a work of art--so sleek, modern, shiny and stainless of all things--Awww:)

  11. Funny post, the ice cream looks yummy.

  12. Great post! I loved it! And that ice cream... and that new ice cream maker! Wow!

    Who cares if you are a danger to house appliances? Writing the way you do, nothing else matters.

  13. Thanks for making me smile. I needed it. I'm glad the new appliance is in good hands. It looks like it will serve your family well for years to come. Looks delicious! How long did it take from first-ingredient-in to ready-to-serve? I had a difficult time picking out gifts my husband liked this last Christmas, but this may be a good candidate for his birthday.

  14. Enjoy looking around your site. Found you blog surfing. The only way I will get to visit some states. The ice cream looks great. We don't get much snow in Tennessee so when we do, I usually make snow cream. Looks like you have plenty of ingredients for it.

  15. I scream You scream We ALL scream for ice cream! Have fun with your new appliance ~ and just let Mr. Foresterman make it so it turns out ~ ENJOY!!

  16. ROFL...if you don't just remind me of my daughter...her hubby does most of the cooking, however, she Does handle a few appliances., to move them from one spot to another, mostly. I stumbled onto your site thru Mel and so glad I did. I have an ice cream maker I have only used, that's gotta change, but I really, really, really do love yours. Enjoy the cold stuff along with the live way out there and up there, wow.

  17. wow that looks so good! I wish my man would make me ice cream!!

  18. I found your blog on ain't for city gal's blog and thought I'd drop by. We have a cuisinart ice cream maker too! We LOVE that thing....lots of tasty experiments have been made since last Christmas....YUMMY!

  19. My Man used to have ice cream every night, but since like you, 40 miles from town, it's hard to get it home from the, he just quit eating it! I'll have to have him check this post out to see if he's made it quite entertaining ;~)


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