Its been a harsh winter so far, but Winnipeg will help you out...

Hows your barn kitties doing this winter?

Looks like the Winnipeg Humane Society has some extras if you need them...Although some might protest the idea of selling cats the way you do cars or furniture, I think Andy Hill of Kern Furniture nails this one right on the head - "buy one kitten get FIVE FREE!" says it all lol!

And it looks like we could fit a few more on the ole' kitty tower...





  1. Very funny! We have been toying with the idea of getting a cat. Have never had one. Thought it would be good to live in our nice big heated shop, with a kitty door to get in and out. Just a little nervous about it - some of our friends around here go through a lot of cats due to the coyotes and the cougars...

  2. Oh I wish I could take about 5 of them and let them live happily ever after in our barn - spoiled rotten, fed too much, loved on and kept company by 2 lovely Arabians. C'est la vie. Our Tuxedo boy won't stand for any more felines in the vicinity. (sigh).

    And yes, like 2 Tramps, we have coyotes too. And dogs. And raccoons that steal their food.

    I love your kitty tree - even if SOMEONE just uses it for a leg up!

  3. I hope all the kitties find homes. I would love to have barn kitties, but I'm afraid the coyotes would get them. And then..I'm afraid the barn kitties would get the baby barn swallows in the summer. My cousin suggested I put up a barn owl nest box..but again...will the barn owls eat the barn swallows? Oh, I just can't deal with the harsher side of nature.

    That is one fancy, shmancy kitty tower. More like a kitty palace.

  4. Wow that is funny. They are good writers hope it works for them.
    Nice kitty tree. You have very lucky kitty. B

  5. My daughter, the farm girl, would take them. She always has a heart for more kittys with her arabs. We have at least 2 litters born in our barn each spring and summer. They sure are cuties.

  6. Oh, no more kitties for me, still haven't found a home for my DC. Wish I wasn't allergic! Love the cat tree!

  7. I like be up high too, what a view.

  8. That is a gorgeous picture and a beautiful view!!!


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