“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


So when you are 40 miles away from the closest place resembling a store...

You shop online!  Yes, I am still recuperating from CYBERSALE MONDAY ...but the cats have been fed...consistently this week.  Feeling oh so proud of the great deals I snagged, I thought I would share with you some of the places I did visit.. So without further ado ~ we bring you ~

Online shopping store links  for Feral Women!

Outback Trading Co. LTD outlet

a joyful photo taken by mr foresterman
A shout out to all my Canadian' friends - you got some good outdoor and indoor clothes up dere'  ..there' I mean! Outback Trading Co. LTD actually makes their clothes in Canada!  Because this site is their outlet they may not have everything in all sizes, but you certainly can find something there for someone  (isnt that what the holiday sales season is about? buying for your- i mean for others?) .  I was considering taking a picture of ALL my outback stuff but then it would be a very looong post. Take it from feral woman, this stuff  is well made - expect to live AND ride in it comfortably - just look at all that joy in the photo here - im sure thats because of the outback fleece cozy jacket im wearing! Anyhow, they sell jackets, hats, shirts etc.  Dont let the initial huntseat picture fool when you first link up; they also sell some pretty cute western wear...and of course Australian type oilskins, at huge discounts!

This dept. store had long ago humble beginnings in Wisconsin, but now they are dead set on taking over the nation! Anyhow, you know that embroidered shower curtain in the Wisconsin house? With the matching fingertip towels?  yep. Kohls.  They are the first place I go to when I need something for the house (any house lol) and they be ONLINE for us hard to reach folk..And the best thing is that they seem to be obsessed with sales; free shipping deals, percentage off sales etc.  All the time, not just CYBERSALE MONDAYS, and esp. if you are on their email list, but this can  all be a problem.  Problem as in make you hesitant to order because next week might be cheaper??!... but then it might not be??!...ACCK ! But they got the fancy name brand dept. store stuff - Cuisinart, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang etc. along with great sales = happy me!

Passier Lederbalsam for everyones bag!
St. Croix Saddlery

Wow ! $8.95 flat shipping for everything all the time (except on saddles) ariat boots ship free! This is an English riding store that may not have everything, but what they do have is QUALITY.  Once in a while they have some doozy sales too when you are on their email list; in fact just for signing up they give you a $5. coupon. On Monday online, I bought two hardy stitched leather halters with solid brass hardware (Camelot series) made in Kentucky, for a total of $35.00 ! And the Passier Lederbalsam is the best leather care there is, at $16.95 - may seem expensive, but it goes a looong way - even with a leather conscious daughter who would use this on her leather bags, shoes, boots etc... and it smells terrific too- good stuff indeed!

So how did all of you make out on CYBERSALE MONDAY last week?  Great Deals?  
Any places you think we should look at?  Because you know, 
Feral Women love to "hunt" for a bargain!



  1. Thanks for the great tips. I love Kohl’s-one of my faves. I haven’t heard of the other two so I am off to see them now :)

  2. Yep...we're 42 miles from any shopping...and the shoppin' ain't that great...lots of online...spent way too much money (on us)! But, it's best to get what you need when it's on sale!


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