An older magical memory ~ Minneapolis Art Institute

One of our favorite Haunts every winter was the Minneapolis Art Insititute (MIA)  ; my youngest daughter would take endless photos, and I would take endless photos of her taking endless photos, because to me she is a work of Art...!

If you are ever in Minneapolis, stop in - they have free parking, and its FREE ADMISSION. These are some of my favorite pieces (each piece does have a placard listing year, artist and title, but also on whether you can take a photo of it or not, MIA makes it easy on us by telling us whether its on loan or not). I didnt title them while posting because I want you to enjoy it the way we did - wandering into a room, seeing it for the first time, and taking it all in...

Can you tell why I took the shot the way that I did to highlight what I think the artist wanted to convey? So please, enjoy these timeless works of art and taking a little walk with us through the MIA!


  1. That was lovely. I was especially taken with the close-up of the nude woman statue. Her face is so beautiful and her expression is so 'caught in a moment'. Love this walk thru art... Must have taken you forever to upload all these photos for us. So thank you.

  2. Wow that looks like a great place to visit! I love the horses (of course) but there are some pretty amazing other statues as well.

  3. Each photo is awesome!! Thank you for sharing...and no titles is good...just soaked in each piece~

  4. What a beautiful post. The pieces you captured are amazing and so diverse. My favorite is the bust of the woman with the veil and roses at the top. She is haunting. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Very enjoyable, Thanks for your tour!

  6. Wow! Awesome photos of an amazing place! Thank you so much for sharing both!


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