You remember that house we built?

The house that  built us 
 thats for sale so we can move our entire lives to SE Montana?

The one with the "horse stall" bathroom that uses functional barn items?
 (Can you guess what I used and how it worked perfectly for a family of four over the years?)

The one with the wonderful wood bake oven 
that has made Duck, buttermilk bread, and cheesecake over the years, 
along with drying spices from the front garden?

You know, the one with the Finnish masonry heater that we built with our own hands
that has kept our family warm on many winter nights?

The one with traditional Vermont slate and its 18 piece pattern with rare red tile 
that Mr. Foresterman picked out?

that carries over to that kitchen 
with Feral woman's horse head pattern in the granite tile counter, 
along with the birds-eye solid maple cabinets from our own woods ?

The one that has not only an eat-in kitchen ~?
but a formal dining room that overlooks the outdoor sanded riding arena, small Dressage regulation size?

 And on one side of that formal dining room through the double oak pocket doors, 
it will take you  to the front living room 
with its oak walls and maple flooring and pine ceiling?

And on the other side of that said formal dining room through another oak pocket door 
takes you to the back hallway, with a 8 ft ceiling full basement down the stairs to the left, bathroom to the left, 
and at the end ~ the first floor laundry room ~ and  through the red door to the attached double car garage?

And that said hallway also takes you the the stair landing to the upstairs, with its maple walls and railings with maple syrup tap holes from our own woods,
that also has a peek a boo window to the back pasture and barn?

and that leads right to the ash, oak, pine, maple paneled (from our woods!) bedroom with the picture window that over looks the river...and of course the riding arena?

 with the walk in closet 
with double doors 
and its stenciled floor ?

Then onto the foo-foo bath with foo-foo granite tub surround and floor ?

 and nearby the second bedroom with its bright sunny dormer and built-ins?

Thats next to the little music room that has great sound, and another peek a boo window to the barn?

That leads to the end of the hall, and to the beginning of a huge home office, with more built-ins?

cant forget the outdoor garden with the little guys...and the barn... and the whole "kit n kooboodle"?

  Yep, that one!

Welllllll,  it looks like theres gonna be a new happy couple to love this place up and call it their home...
Yep, its under contract and we close in December God willing; and best part is, everyones tickled!!!

This Thanksgiving we have so much to be thankful for!

Uhmm, please pause while I do the "woot woot jiggle jiggle booty bump tap tap toe" dance...




  1. Amen! I know the feeling....but what an awesome place you have built here. WOW! I love every little nook and cranny. Beautiful! I know you will have a blessed thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing. This was a lovely stroll around your place.

    patrina <")>><
    warrior bride in boots

  2. So glad you are all going to be together again and that you are on your way to a happier time and your horse will be with you! That is a cute house and it reminded me of houses I saw in Scotland! I know the new people will be happy there, who wouldn't, it is darling! Thanks for the tour and congratulations!

  3. Woo Hoo...gorgeous house! So happy for you..will make things much easier for you...

  4. Such a beautiful home and I'm so happy that you've found a buyer! When we had two houses for a year it was a sickening feeling and such a RELIEF when we sold the one!! I see a hay rack towel holder, and the towel bar over the tub is actually a blanket bar......bery bery cleber Feral woman!

  5. Congratulations! I know it is hard to let go of such love and hard work that you put into a place, but when you're going to live your dream, it's nice when another couple steps up to take over the love and care of the old place. I hope it goes thru without a hitch! :)

  6. What a unique and beautiful home and yard! It must be hard to leave behind good memories from such a wonderful place. But.....then again, you are moving out here to "God's Country", aren't you?! I am sure your new home will be just as unique and beautiful, maybe even more so!

  7. Yea!!! Three cheers! I have missed you ...basically have abandoned one blog for another, check out the new .... (old is Q&Q) ....


  8. I am so happy for you! The new owners are getting a BEAUTIFUL place and you can tell it has been loved so much. I know you will miss it but have many wonderful adventures ahead :) Congratulations to you all!

  9. Nice place! but Montana will be full of all those memories in a few years too. Those new folks movin' in will sure have it nice though.

  10. Oh - that is wonderful news!!! Congrats!!

  11. I have been meaning to get to your blog for some time now....finally.....and I'm certainly glad I did.I love your conversation with the cat.I can relate to talking to your horse on the phone. I think I'm happy for you on the sale of your home....but at the same time I am a little sad for you. Your place is beautiful and peaceful and well just downright gorgeous. You would have to pry me out of there kicking and screaming....but I don't know why you are moving you must have reasons so congrats on the sale and the people that are buying your place are not just getting a house they are getting a slice of heaven....good luck in your new adventures and I will follow along to see where they take you.

  12. Dang! I wanted that house.
    Only like, in northern texas, but I wanted it!


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