“Feral ~ from feminine of ferus wild: having escaped from domestication and become wild…”


You know you are Feral when...

Your cats stage an intervention on CYBERSALE MONDAY

"we love you. now feed us."



  1. HA! Very expressive eyes. They are plotting your demise, you know that don't you, especially the dark one? You'd better toe the line sister, or they'll find somebody else to be their person..........

  2. What? You weren't shopping at petsmart.com?!

  3. HA!!!! ROTFLMAO!! That was classic!

  4. Those cats are priceless, thanks for the chuckle I needed it. Just read your previous post as well, glad to hear your precious cargo arrived safely....way to go Randy and Cindy...Is Baby aka EC a Morgan by chance.

  5. So funny. I bet they got you something great :)


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