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I make for a crappy cowgirl...

who else has someone hold their cellphone up to their horse whose 750 miles away so they can call his name, and then start sniffling when they are told that "his ears perked right up when he heard your voice..."?

Cowgirls dont cry, right?
Im having some problems with that...


  1. It won't be long now....I have to admit..I do this with MollieDog when I am away for a couple of days

  2. Don't worry, I'd be doing the same thing! Baby is so beautiful, what is he? His face look QH to me, but his mane looks Friesan? Or maybe he's a Perch/QH cross?

  3. I also think all good cowgirls love their pony's...isn't that right?? ;)

  4. Oh that is sweet. My husband and I do that with all our animals--we always believe they are responsive to our voices. I am sure your pony was--it's just love :)

  5. Oh no that's too sad. From one old cowgirl to one new cowgirl, if something makes you teary eyed and it involves a horse or a dog or even an old cow . . . well, welcome to the club

  6. Yeeeha, I be in the Cowgirls club !!! Thanks CCC!

    Goodwife~ he's a Reg. Morgan, all black, and his momma gave him good hair genes lol Thats why I take lots of black and white photos of him because otherwise he looks like a black bear...

    And it is Love ~ Ive had him since he was a weanling and this is the first time in 12 years I been away for so long; im sure he is confused ..But when he comes "home" I know he will be pleasantly surprised at all the grass around here lol

  7. Ahhhhh. Nuzzle kisses when you two reunite.

  8. My mother still does that when I am away from my cat-she holds the phone out so he can hear my voice, and his head whips around looking for me as soon as he hears me. Helps us to remember why we're so crazy in love with them. And IMHO, I think any cowgirl would cry over her horse :)

  9. Hi! I found your blog from Verde Farm. Got "hooked" as soon as I saw your horse and your dog. I've always loved (and lusted after) Morgans and knew right away your horse was a beaut! I keep 2 Arabs here in Texas. Morgans are very rare in this part of the country (whereas in Wis. they seem much more 'the norm')and are expensive (all horses are, I guess.) Anyway, read thru a ton of your older posts to get to know you and yours a bit. Looking forward to lots more in the future! From one transplanted Wisconsinite to another, best of luck and much happiness to you in your new life in Montana!!!



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