Help!! Ive fallen behind and I cant keep up!

Okay - its a bit cold here in Wisconsin cold ~ we must have accidently packed the darn "12 degrees and snowstorms in November" somehow ~  I thought I explicitly told Mr. Foresterman to leave it behind in Wisconsin DARN IT!!!!  Im shipping it back priority, NOW. 

We are frantically finishing up the horse shed in very cold weather... then we hear theres over 400, yes four hundred!  traffic accidents across Minnesota due to icy conditions, the same conditions that our  nice horse transport man needs to drive through the next few days to bring Baby and Sally home...If you can, please stop for a moment and send good thoughts and prayers for this driver's safety and the safety of his trailer!  With the holidays, we should be praying for everyone's travel Thank you ahead of time for joining in with me...youre also invited to join in on sending the "12 degrees and snowstorms in November" back to Wisconsin where it belongs campaign too!! Come' on, it will be fun, and they love that kind of snow stuff' there anyways - ice fishing is big there along with eating lutefisk and everyone knows you have to be cold and numb to eat that stuff...

So, due to my future ulceric conditions, I am posting these very calm photos of our last week of work this year in the Black Hills.  Please enjoy while I pop some more tums, load up my insulated bibs with kleenex and "hothands" packets,  and continue to feverishly work in these icy wisconsin-like conditions with plastic fence clips that shatter when put on posts...
(but at least the scenery is still gorgeous!!)

this is what we saw ~

 a rock wanting to be a  autumn leaf, or a leaf wanting to be an autumn  rock,

 a hardy stock tank made of wood & filled with cold clear spring water,

a crisp golden morning with two crisp "stick a fork in them they're done" fellows,

a big moon that wanted to come out to visit,

a swaying, dancin' tree to its own music,

a wild rose having its last red 'laugh of the season,

large flocks of cranes "gargling" their way to the south,

a bit of color left in some trees

the fuzzy plant that I havent learned what it is yet (aster?)

a pretty sunrise through the pine,

a pretty patient dog in a pretty clearing,

a very pretty sunset,

a nasty removal of antlers from once a splendid creature,

a circular burn pile that held court to rust colored fungi,

some brave Ponderosas sitting on the edge,

a little Lichen moving outward and upward in life,

an elusive and rare black backed woodpecker foraging,

 A very moody Pactola reservior,

a faraway plume of a prescribed burn,

a lonely lake that had nary a visitor ~ 

with still water reflecting its mood, 

 an empty land that revealed scars from long ago fire,

 white quartz rock whispering "maybe theres gold" riches,

a  burned stump that made me hungry for frog legs, 

  Dexter howling with the coyotes...again...

a misty morning cloud that wanted to touch the ground to hide its secrets,

an elusive mouse that kept his hiding spot secret from Dexter,

another very lovely sunset,

  and some muley does that welcomed us on the way home to Montana.

It was a few good months of work...don't you agree?


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