Did i tell you I love Montana?

This was taken today. A balmy 66 degrees.  On November 2.  I'm giddy.

I love SE Montana.

So does Dexter.

Please tell us this wonderfulness wont end?  Please?



  1. Sorry, it will end... We are having the same unseemly weather here. I have been outside picking tomatoes - they should have been dead long ago. The frost blanket we cover them with is usually just for September. After that we bring the whole plants in - but not this season...

    Don't worry, we will get nailed with weather - cold and snow - bone chilling and teeth rattling. And we will be snug inside, sipping hot soup, cocoa or toddies, watching the white stuff come down!

  2. We are having a great fall here in Illinois. For the past 4 years or so we've gone straight from 100+ degrees into cold nasty rain. This is too nice to be believed, but I know those gloomy days will come.

  3. Oh I know you do--who wouldn't? I have a feeling you all will be loving it for a very long time to come :) Good for you!!

  4. You had snow in Wisconsin right? Can't be too much different that far south in Montana, I'm thinking. I get cabin fever but not till around February and then spring's not that far off (in May : ) Depends how far you are from town or your good neighbors how winter affects folks but that my perspective, in the Great White North.


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