Adapting in Montana...

Whose happier?

 Three long months without each other...
Can you tell?

It was an excellent homecoming, and it ended up like I predicted; just like a Walton Thanksgiving, seriously. Randy, the wonderful driver from Montana Express Horse Transport brought them home safe and sound, and  I cant exclaim enough praises for Randy, Cindy the dispatcher lady, and the company - WONDERFUL!  They kept us up to date on how it was going, took excellent care of Baby and Sally and Randy went above and beyond to find our place...

Although he did mention many times "WOW! You live out in the middle of no where!?" still repeating the question to himself as he hopped into his cab and drove off into the distance, on his way home for Thanksgiving the next day.  Thank you Randy, even though I know it wasnt an easy drive for you, but we appreciate you more then you can know...Mr. Foresterman and I just want to thank you again for all you have done in delivering our horses to us.  It wasn’t easy considering the weather, the distance and the roads, but we thank you and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you did, Randy, in finding our place, driving the back roads, and taking good care of our critters during the transport. And thank you Cindy for being patient, informative, and keeping us updated at all times! And you may have not known it, Randy, but there were many people praying your way across the states ~  Thank you to all of you who sent good wishes and plentiful prayer, and most importantly, I thank the Maker for who He is and what He has done in all of our lives; thank you from the bottom of this humbled soul's heart, Lord.

Both Horse and Pony have settled in well;  They drank, ate, pooped, pee'd and you would have thought that they just went around the block the way they came off the trailer in that sub-arctic temperature (although they are from Wisconsin, which is normal weather out there!).  I do believe that because of the excellent care, attention to detail, and speediness of the delivery they were not affected at all, nor any days after, even though they went for such a long distance. We would not hesitate for a moment to make a recommendation/reference on MT Express Horse Transport’s behalf to anyone who may be considering using them.  Although we plan on giving Randy a rest from delivering to us lol because we really do live out in the middle of no where!

Next step? Finish off the shed!



  1. Feral,
    So glad they are home safe and sound and adjusting well. We were some who were praying for the transporter as well as the horses.
    You can see the smile in your horses eyes, glad to see his beloved pet once again!
    Enjoy them both and blessings for your day.

  2. SO glad your babies arrived safely, well-tended to, and are now happily getting used to their new home. I just know how relieved you are (and how worried you were). When they are our babies, we fret about them until we can see they're alright. Yay, Randy!!!

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! We kept you in our prayers and are so thankful that everybody made it safe and sound. God is good!

  4. That is so cool! Your photography is amazing. Do you have a lot of acreage too? We would love to have 100 acres .. ahhh yes - One day!!!

  5. Yay they made it! They look happier than you do :)

  6. Hey Lady, I’ve been MIA the last week-so busy with work but I am catching up tonight. I am THRILLED to see your babies made it home in time for Thanksgiving. You can sure see how happy they were to see you. They are gorgeous, absolutely beautiful and your photos are too. How do they like their new digs and pasture? It seems they are loving it! What a great group of folks to take such good care of your horse and pony. It is so important and you have to trust when you transport. I know how that is too. So happy for you all. Great Walton Thanksgiving :)

  7. So happy to see them home safe and sound!! What a great thing to be thankful for~


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