This past week while I was working I saw ~

 a lonely canoe waiting patiently in Silver City

 a Mountain Pine Beetle's leftovers

a silly stump that made me takes a second glance

a fuzzy plant I need to research (anyone know its name?)

a hungry dog trying to be patient

a papery paper wasp's nest

an important sign that reminded us to be mindful

a Birch leaf still green

a cut ponderosa pine log that decayed very weird

a river of golden Aspen

a breathtaking sunset

a breathtaking sunrise

another busy woodland spider

a red squirrel's leftovers

 a rock that reminded me of ice cream

a bronze birch leaf with a bed of green

and the forest through the trees.

Another good week is done, one left to do!



  1. Lovely photos - I traveled through a sea of aspen last week in the Wasatch mountains in Utah - truly beautiful.

  2. Such a gorgeous place you live and work in. I'm thinking the stump looks like one of those reclining ladies on mudflaps?! LOL

  3. Pretty sure the unidentified fuzzy plant is Milkweed, going to seed :o)
    Fantastic photos, what a blessed week you had indeed! Thank you for sharing the photos with us.
    Blessings for your new week,

  4. Very moving and beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing the beauty of the out of doors with us.

  5. That dog cracks me up!! lol I hope he was rewarded for his patience!

  6. Your week's are amazing. What great things you see doing a cool job. That weird stump looked like a horse that was down. Glad it was a stump. Great photos :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I enjoyed my visit here, you have some lovely photos; I love Montana, it's where I got my stallion, Beamer, although in Northern Montana. We live 6 miles north of the Idaho border.

  8. oh, BE STILL MY HEART!!! how your photos have my heart yearnin' for the mountain country!!! love your blog - am just coming by from aint for city gals - and can't resist roamin' the woods with you! come on over to my places when you can - i've several - something for everyone - see you over at the campfires! i'm comin' home, mountain mama!!! ;)

  9. I hardly know what to say. You're photos are stunning. I am so glad you document what you see the way you do and then let us all enjoy it all through your eyes. Thank you.


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