Theres Handsome Fellows out trolling for girls this past week...

Its that time of year when the lonely boys go looking for girlfriends!

  A gorgeous five by five muley buck sneaking along the edge of a field.
 Mr. Foresterman whistled so i could get this photo-shot, 
but he did have a whispered disclaimer first ~ "im not sure what he'll do when I do this..."

This Red Fox-y guy is a little overdressed with his dapper suit including black boots,
 although maybe its chickens he's after rather then girls...

They say you can tell when an Antelope is a really good catch 
by looking at their ears compared to their horns;
 if the bottom prong of the horn is taller then his ears, he's a catch!
Looks like this guys a keeper!

And this guy? 
Well, he's so fine with the ladies that they just give him truck rides to where ever he needs to go...



  1. Your pictures are AMAZING!!! I you reall see these incredible animals just roaming around out there in Montanna? How cool is that?
    Amy :)

  2. I love all these pictures! The fox picture is fabulous. We have those handsome guys round here too, but I've never been close enough to get a photo!

  3. Fabulous pictures. Wonder what pickup lines the guys use? ;-)

  4. I'd never heard that about antelope. Around here we see them so often we take them for granted. Bulls, on the other hand, are never taken for granted


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