Beef...Its WHAT for dinner???!!!

 What range cattle do when no one is looking...


"Hey girls,  the chicken wings are ready!"

 Shooting the bull around the picnic grounds 
"so then I says to him, hey, we can have Rancher Bob take care of that little' problem, heh heh!"

"No fire danger worries; Charlie here has the wettest nose, he'll make sure its out"

(Enjoy!  Theres more to come, as I have 3 days off, WoooHOO! 
And I'm home in Montana now with INTERNET ACCESS, bigger WOOO HOOO!)



  1. How cute are they? Love it! I am so jealous you live in Montana as I've always wanted to go and just linger over pictures of the state. I bought one of my mini donkeys from a farm in Montana and I know I will get there someday :)

  2. Too cute! I love your captions!

  3. LOL

    I didn't know they were issuing grazing allotments in parks now! You'd think beef would eschew barbecues.


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