You know you are Feral when...

You meet people who want to show you all the cool animal photoshots
they have gotten on their game cameras they have in the woods,
and then you horrifically wonder ....

Is there some person out there scratching their head and looking at a photo, thinking 
"I didnt know timber cruisers wear panties with flowers on 'em"? !!!!!!


 cellphone photo by Mike Grinyer

(bladders, even in 9 hour work days in the woods, have their own minds.  enuf' said. )



  1. HEY!!! I like them!! What can I say!! No, not your flowered underwear..I'm talking !!! points!! me happy!!!I think your job is one that I wouldn't mind least you could be outside all day. Have you done a post on your job or did I miss that? How is Montana treating you?

  2. I love your happiness; it makes me giggle!! lol

    We do Forestry Consulting - which is basically being outside and looking at trees - And WE LOVE IT! Theres a link on the side to previous posts on what we do - its called (of course!) "feral forestry".


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