Sometimes I get anxious...

It always has to do with feeling helpless, especially when I am states away from the situation.

Im pulling Baby out of training ~ it basically was a relationship made in hades. Baby fought her for most of the 30 days, and when she emailed me last week to tell me that she had to use a wire twist in his mouth so he wouldnt run through the bit; I fretted big time.  I have never in the 12 years of owning him had these same issues; I ride with my seat, and him in a plain snaffle, and we get along fine. I am aware that sometimes certain situations call for certain bits - but this is not one of them this time .  I am boarding him at a barn where I do trust the owner, and shes kept a good eye on him and Sally, so I do know he's okay.  The training is over though.  And Im hoping he will still trust me.

And here I sit, three states away.

Wanting to get into the truck and go see him.



  1. aww.. *hugs*
    Maybe he's just missing you.

  2. Mama always knows best...sometimes we talk ourselves into something that we don't need in the first place...for now he is safe...I can't imagine ever using a wire twist for anything...let alone in a horse's mouth!

  3. Alarm bells! Good decision to move Baby out of the situation. Frustrating to be so distant.

  4. I believe that was the best decision to make. Some trainers just are cruel in what they do just to get the job done, sadly.
    So sorry you are so far away from the beautiful Baby.

  5. Eeek! I'm sorry this has happened. It's always scary putting your horse in someone else's hands! Good for you for taking him out of the "training".

  6. Oh dear, that is distressing. I hope you and Baby are reunited soon. It is sooo hard to find a good trainer.

  7. thank you all for your kind words - I needed them bad to get over the "frets"! Hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be a sweet reunion~ I will update this week hopefully after I call again to see how he's settling down.

  8. Thank you everyone for kind words - It still bothers me that I was the one who put him into training, and it did not go well. I guess I need to get over it and will be writing about his adventures when we bring him home to MT... and I pray they are all good adventures!

    Q & Q - Since we moved in August, and we have this US Forest Service work contract that goes until Oct. 31, we thought it would be best to leave him in Wisconsin, get some training in on cows, and then pick him up the end of Oct. when its cool enough outside to transport him to MT. Latest word is that he is enjoying his horsey buddy time. Im looking forward to having a sweet reunion the end of this month!


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