Someone please buy our NW Wisconsin house.

Because we love SE Montana.

And to add to that I'm pretty sure God lives or at least visits somewhere here out west... 'cuz heres proof ~ 

And I think you have to be real special to live out here too, because we have found out  that  it takes weeks to have someone come out to hook up internet, theres mouse pack rat thingys that are keeping the cats awake, and the weather is really weird here, described best as either windy, still or windy-ish still, with periods of thick rain that come down like buckets while the sun shines 100 yards away...and did I mention the neighboring free range cows who walk the fenceline daily looking for breaks in the fence like obsessed fans looking for a photo op? No? I didnt? Thats okay; I have a feeling that this last fact is going to be a lifelong blog issue. 

But I still love it.  All of it.

I started this blog with a post about almost putting a board through the picture kitchen window
while building a stove fan enclosure ;
at last here is the finished product ~ 

In NW Wisconsin, in its full glory.  Yep, thats an 18 piece pattern vermont slate floor that Mr. Foresterman picked out, the prettiest stuff that costs hecka cheaper then that sandy cracked slate from India you can buy from those fancy tile stores; we bought ours straight from a guy who said we could come out to Vermont and split it ourselves.  We graciously turned his invite down, but told him we were glad we were buying such a fine product "made" in the good ole USA.  Then theres St. Cloud Minnesota granite tile for the countertop we got from our friends for a $1. a tile; the pattern took me a week to blend but its well worth it.  Theres the brick finnish masonry stove we built ourselves brick by brick, the walls and ceiling board by board . The solid maple cabinets with maple syrup tap holes and birds eye is from our own woods; each piece of wood was touched by our hands at least 4 times - pulling it off of the saw mill, stacking it to dry in the backyard, planing it to boards, and finally putting them together after Mark, a good friend, built the cabinets piece by piece by hand. 

It is a pretty kitchen ~ 

But this is where we are supposed to be.

Buttes rock  !!!



  1. WOW...looks like life is good for you! from your last two posts! Of course, I am loving all that wood in the house especially with the knot holes and all. It will sell...the girls look happy and the guys look kind..lucky!

  2. Oh.. if only that house were in SE Montana, I'd jump on the offer. :P


  3. That is a beautiful home!! Surely that will be gone in no time. I would love to have it :)


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