"So there we were, driving down the road, just going to work..."

Darn! A tree crossing!

Looks like we gotta do something about this, Dexter...

Thank goodness its soft Ponderosa Pine!

All done!  Time to pack up and move again!

Good thing the Feral Photographer had her work clothes on!

But isnt this just the prettiest place to go to work to?



  1. It is absolutely beautiful!!!!! Breathtaking and wish I were there!

  2. I need to know...do you count trees all day ?

  3. When we have a timber cruising project, they give us a set amount of plots in a predetermined area, with a deadline ~ its up to us to assess the hours we need to work in order to fulfill the contract. So to answer your question, we will work up to twelve hours a day if needed in order to make sure we meet the contract! But it really, it is based on daylight and the deadline we are given. Right now we are working average 9 hour days -6 days on, 3 days off as we need to be done with this area by October 31...phew, you ask tough questions :D

    And KT, you should visit the Black Hills ; The area is beautiful and the people are very friendly here, and you would have lots of fun with your photography!

  4. I'm tellin ya now. I really have to go to MT at some point in my life!

  5. Hmmm. Bumper-to-bumper traffic or fallen tree? Hmmm. Love the view of your "office."

  6. Wow...you have a beautiful "office" to work in. Sure beats my dreary, cramped cubical.


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