Six days of work this past week ~

 And this is what I got in return ~

A baby calf who greeted us as we drove in

A handsome peacock to greet us as we drove out

Along with a momma goat

and her naughty kid...

The spiders were already busy
and the leaves were busy turning

and, ahem...Dexter watched it all...

Some trees were already in tree heaven

but they had a great view of things

Along with their old friends

but others were just getting started

and we were there to watch them grow...

We walked for miles

and walked through tall things
and taller things

Some taller then others...

But we walked

and walked

high up
and down low

where we saw unusual things
like rose hips that looked like jelly beans
baby trees that were growing out of rock

And then it was time to go home...

 But I think it was worth it, dont you?



  1. For sure worth it! Gorgeous place and beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful indeed. I'm just finding your blog---were the goats and the peacock yours or did you see them on your travels to timber?
    Really great pictures :)
    Amy at Verde Farm

  3. Some people would call your 6 days of work, 6 days of hiking. Beats sitting at a desk for 6 days, I bet. I'll trade my co-workers for your spiders any day. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for taking me along with you! Love the views, the river snaking away in the distance ... and the baby goat!

  5. thanks everyone - I really love when the weather cooperates and it has big time! Otherwise when it rains you arent going to see any pictures about it lol

    Amy @ Verde Farm ~ the goats and peacock were on a farm that we asked permission to drive through in order to access a remote area - the owners were very nice, and had a huge menagerie of critters who were all friendly too - it was cute!

  6. Oh so worth it. I am reading all your old posts so I will know the "real" Feral woman. I like her:)Awesome pics. Hug B


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