My life... in Paint Application

In case if anyone has been confused on what where why's of Feral Woman's life lately, 
I spent this afternoon making this picture to explain.  

However,  I am now confused; 
I traverse across 4 states frequently in order to exist... 

and its hard to write pretty scroll-y words with the wide paint brush.




  1. That is so cute! I love MN on the Mississippi River there! Life is hard when you are traveling around all the time isn't it? Good luck selling the house.

  2. You can tell from the pic (love it BTW!)..where you are the happiest!

  3. "some state"

    It's my homeland ... IOWA

  4. lol Lana: was it hard to find your house in Iowa when they kept switching the corn to beans every other year? "turn left at the bean field, then right at the corn...wait, that was last year"

    gotta remember Im one of those nasty illinois kids...and like we didnt have the same problem lol!

  5. Just out blog hopping and I found my way here. I noticed your map....cute. :) I'm from North Dakota. Swing on over to my blog and say hi. ;)


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