Hmmm...let sleeping dogs lie?

When we got back after going to town, we found Dexter sleeping on his new bed. 

He got a new bed for his new home.  Actually his old bed was so stinky that even the cats didnt want to sleep on it anymore.  And we didnt want a 10 hour truck ride with it either....

Looks like he likes it, huh?  Hmmm, but wait a his eyes really closed?

and whats this???

 On Mr. Foresterman Dad's favorite chair?

Lets look a little closer, shall we?

Is that a footprint? A 70lb Samoyed furry white footprint?




  1. Just one foot print does not make one he thought about it and backed down...good boy!

  2. Tee hee hee...and he looks sooooo innocent. Dexter looks live he is lovin' his new bed. He's a beautiful dog.

  3. LOL. No confessions without DNA proof.

  4. BUSTED!!
    (glad you made it ok! *hugs*)


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