Feral Woman's Checklist for the week of August 31

Wisconsin house cleaned up and for sale ~ CHECK!

OFFICIAL Move to Montana ~ CHECK!

Forest Service Meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota, for new cruising contract ~ CHECK!

Shopping for massive quantities of food in Spearfish, South Dakota to stock up ~ CHECK!

Unpacking stuff we should have thrown out or given away like the show "A & E Hoarders" ~  ...whimper...

Waiting, waiting, waiting...for my two beautiful Daughters who I have not seen since last Christmas! Coming home to visit this weekend, home to us, home to the most beautiful place on earth that Feral Woman & Mr. Foresterman can afford, home to Montana ~ priceless!

Once upon time there was a feral woman with two beautiful daughters,
who met a handsome Foresterman...

and they all lived happily ever after in 



  1. OMGosh..I am SO happy for you! Isn't it just the best to be truly where you want to be!! BTW my husband has a degree in forestry also...he just chose to take a different path...still deals in wood


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