The best Labor day weekend ever...without labor

You havent heard from me because we have been catching up with our girls ~

After EIGHT MONTHS without seeing our kids, this past Labor Day weekend 
they came to visit us at our new home in SE Montana. 

And they brought potential son-in-laws, Billings MT  boys...

And they like them a lot, enough to bring them home...

And they spent time with us, but explored together ...

and most importantly,
we got to see how much our girls are cared for... 

and the best part?
 Mr. Foresterman Dad found out that having
 boys around the house, well, was okay...

All weekend long I caught him smiling like he is in that photo there... 

And it was good.  All good.

But all too short of time...



  1. mom! I LOOK HIDEOUS!

  2. yes, but Chris looks great... :P

    Honestly Annabel, You are the most beautifulest daughter a mom like me could ever hope for, inside and out...And I think you look like the classic beauty in that shot... and i love you always!

  3. Ha! perhaps now you'll be a bit kinder annabel when posting pics of me on FB ;)

  4. Hey how did I miss this one. Oh yeah I was not blogging then we have come a long way my friend:) :) Oh I can see the love in their eyes and yes having boys that love our daughters and come to visit and possibly help with some work is the best:) Hug B


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